Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have heard many pastors and youth pastors using this verse found in 1 Corinthians 15:33 - "Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character” - as a way of warning young people to be careful about who they hang out with.  To be wise about who they count as friends.
I think, however, that it's a GREAT verse for wives, also.  Be wise about who you count as a friend.  For example,

  • There are some wives who don't like their husbands and who never hesitate to say something demeaning about him and men in general. If you have a close friend who constantly points out the negative in her man, don't be surprised if you gradually start to do the same thing to yours. 
  • There are some wives who don't like their husband's mothers.  They speak ill about their mother-in-law and do whatever they can to dismiss, demean and destroy their reputation. Their children are dismissive of her and learn to gossip about someone they should be respecting.  If you have a close friend who isn't shy about hiding her dislike of her mother-in-law, your children are hearing her attitude and it is taking root in their hearts also. 
  • There are some wives who are not happy with what they have.  They always have a slow whine about their house not being big enough, or new enough, or updated enough.  They don't like the car they drive, the clothes they have. If you have a friend whose attitude is one of discontent and unthankfulness, don't be surprised if you find yourself not being content with what you have.
  • There are some wives who make coarse jokes, and speak in an offhanded way about things that should be kept in modest silence.  Speaking about the intimate aspect of their marriage openly and with others.  If you have a friend who is willing to talk about such private things in a public place, you might be surprised to discover that your husband - and other husbands - remember every word she ever says. Keep your private life private.
  • There are some wives who talk the talk about following Christ, but don't walk the walk.  Compromise is contagious. Surround yourself with other women who truly want to follow the Lord, walk in His ways, and speak of His glory.

Well, Mrs. Older could go on and on and on and on.  But you get the point.
If you find yourself feeling discouraged, depressed, disenchanted, and down... maybe it could be the company you are keeping.

Just sayin'

Mrs. Older
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