Thursday, June 26, 2014


These words are NOT from my husband (who is very wise) 
 but from a husband (a friend of ours) who is in his 40's.   Closer to the age of many of you.   This husband loves God.  Loves his wife.  He is open, honest, and has strong opinions.

The reason I am going to include his comments in the coming blogs is that  I am often VERY surprised, whenever I discuss husbands, wives or this blog with him to discover HE SEES SITUATIONS IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAY THAN I DO.. THAN WOMEN DO.  I am not going to edit anything he says.  Each blog will build on the one before it.  Here goes:

The reason we serve God is that we truly believe His way of living/doing life is the best way. Most don’t truly believe that though. 

Most are towing the line, checking boxes or staying within the lines, not because they truly believe it’s the best way to live, but because they believe if they live this way they will go to heaven, or God will hear their prayers better, or like them more, or that living God’s way makes us more spiritual, like we could get anymore spiritual than we already are. 

I always ask people, "If heaven and hell had nothing to do with it, would you still live God’s way? Would you still forgive those who hurt you because you truly believe that’s the best way to live? Would you still give your money away? Would you still put others first? Or are we doing those things with the thought of getting something in return? 'I’m doing all these things, living in your ways, so you owe me, God.'"

We may not come out and say that, but that’s how most of us think. That’s manipulation. And it does not work, as most of us know.  

A loving relationship is: I love you, just because I love, not because of anything you do and you love me just because you love me, not because of anything I do for you, what we do for each other we do out of love.

THAT'S HIS COMMENTS FOR THIS TIME. SO THEN... ask yourself the questions he asks others.  Do we truly understand LOVE the way God does?  Do we understand that what we do must have a foundation of LOVE and not spiritual brownie points?  Does that carry over in to WHY you love your husband?  Is it just because you do?  Do you have any comments?
Leave them?
Love you,
Mrs. Older


  1. I have never considered if I would follow God just because if there were no heaven and no hell. I think of John 3:16 which says God sent His Son so that we would NOT PERISH. I guess I get his point but is it wrong to consider eternal damnation as an element of repenting of my sin? Or is he simply saying it should not be the only reason we follow God? I'm confused.

    1. I believe he is saying it should not be the main reason we "follow the rules".. that our relationship with God should not be about "following the rules" so that we "get" something back from God. And conversely.... in a marriage... we shouldn't do things for our spouse with a "now you owe me" kind of attitude... but just love our spouse because we love them. Of course, I don't want to put words in his mouth... but I think that's what he means.

  2. I hope this dude talks about how women manipulate men. Women are sick.