Monday, April 21, 2014

TAKE TWO ADVIL.............AND......

If you had a headache, and you told someone, "I have a headache", they might offer to give you two Advil tablets.... or Tylenol... or aspirin... or.... whatever.... and if you took what they offered you.. more than likely... in a while.... your headache would be gone.  Plain and simple.  (I'm not talking migraines.. or headaches that cause your vision to get blurry... or give you nausea.  I'm talking the run of the mill normal headache.)

Wouldn't it be ABSURD... and RIDICULOUS... if you listened to someone who said, "Now, because you have a headache, you should go sit in a dark and quiet room for 27 hours... then... as you sit there... think about and write down every thing that comes to your mind that caused you stress that might have caused that headache....and... look up in the sky when it gets dark and count as many stars as you can... and also... get up and run around your house at least fifteen times... and then when you are finished... call your pastor and twenty seven of your closest and Godliest friends.. and spend the next several days discussing and reviewing the way the pain felt, the way the solitude felt, which stars you liked the most...and every one of the nine hundred things you wrote down that might have caused the problem... and yes.. if you want to do something else.. take two Advil."

Is there anything evil or suspicious about what they told you to do?  Nah. But the thing that will take away the headache is the simple solution: take two Advil. (Trust me, I am not being paid by Advil to write this  And so it isn't WRONG to do what they tell you to do, but it isn't effective.  EFFECTIVE. 

In the same way, I find that many women,when faced with trouble in the marriage... tend to want to find someone who will give them a lot of tasks to do... in order to heal it. 

My advice is this:  take it to the Lord in prayer.  I'm saving you lots of time. Whether the issue is his lack of emotion, his addiction to pornography, his anger, his lack of leadership in the home, his laziness... his.... anything...  It all starts in the heart.


Therefore, the heart is where the answer is.  
Whatever is wrong on the outside starts with something that is wrong on the inside. 
Read that again: 
Whatever is wrong on the outside starts with something that is wrong on the inside.

You will never see any outward change that WILL LAST... if the change isn't coming from a changed heart.  

No wife can do what only God can do.

WHEN YOU BRING YOUR CARES TO GOD... and continue to do  prayer...

So.. yes.. you can run around your house, you can count the stars, call your pastor, and all your friends...
but if you want your marriage to be healed...
It's going to require

I'm sorry if you want something more elaborate.
But if you will pray.
And trust the Lord.
He will bring about the change.

"Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray."  James 5:13

I have seen it happen in my life.
And the lives of women who pray.

I love you.
Mrs. Older

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  1. You are telling us the truth. And truth is, many of us don't really want to hear it. We don't want to pray. You are telling the truth.