Sunday, April 27, 2014


You know I was just thinking how much cheaper it would be if I could just put water in the gas tank of my car instead of gasoline.  Cheaper and EASIER...  If we ALL put water in our gas tanks instead of gas it would make society so much calmer.  We wouldn't have to drive to gas stations; we wouldn't have to worry about oil prices in foreign countries who hate our country; we would save so much time by simply sticking a hose in the gas tank and putting cheap and easy to find water in there instead.  We could all dig our OWN wells... forget those OIL WELLS... and just tap in to FREE fuel for our cars. If we all put water in our gas tanks instead of would be SO MUCH EASIER.  SO. MUCH. EASIER.

I know what you're thinking.  Yes. I do.  You're thinking that Mrs. Older has flipped a crazy switch in her brain to "ON."  But I ask you.. wouldn't it be easier if we could all put water in our cars?  Of course it would be easier.  But the car wasn't created to operate on water as fuel.  So in a very short time, none of our cars would be drive-able... as a matter of fact... although it's easier to put water in the gas tank... the gas tank was made for GAS.   The auto manufacturers created autos to run on gasoline.  End of story.  You can put water in the tank but the car won't run.  Easy isn't always better.  Is it? No, it isn't.

As ridiculous as my assertion is.... and it IS ridiculous.. we are all doing the same thing with marriage.  God created marriage and He created Himself to be the fuel that helps it run.  A husband and a wife have got to get their power... their willingness to prefer the other... to learn to love... to learn to sacrifice for... to learn to be like Jesus....FROM GOD.  FROM GOD.  God is the fuel of marriage. Why?  He created it that way.

TRUE... it's easier to ignore this truth.  It's easier to just assume that "somehow" things will work out.  It's easier to not care about whether or not the Lord of the Universe is the Lord of your life . And I understand how "narrow minded" all this seems to the "newly enlightened" among us who have walked away from all that "church stuff."

But... your marriage will run out of steam if your marriage is not fueled by two people in love with God more than they are in love with one another.  You've been married four years and it hasn't happened yet? It will.  It will.

If you want to know how to put God first in your marriage...first you have to put Him first in your heart.  Then everything else will follow...

You don't have to believe me... of course you don't have to.  But if just one of you considers God's place in your marriage... then... HOORAY!

I love you,
Mrs. Older...

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