Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I received a wonderful email from a sweet younger wife who reads this blog on a regular basis and she asked, "Mrs. Older, where have you gone? Where are you?"  And then I received seven (yes.... 7) more emails saying almost the same thing.   WOW.  I am honored and humbled that you might miss me. 

So just a quick update.  I'll get back to writing this blog very soon.  In my REAL life I am writing a book about lessons my mother taught me... and it has DEADLINES... and my EDITOR expects the stuff on the DEADLINE.  I write a monthly column for a magazine, freelance articles for others, songs and other stuff.  So.. sometime the "real world writing" infringes on my Mrs. Older writing.  The nerve.  Anyway...

So.. thanks for caring.  I'll be back in just a few days.  In the meantime, ask your friends who might enjoy hearing the rantings of a Mrs. Older to sign up to receive this blog via email.  Also, if you DO sign up, be sure to follow the instructions you will get on an email you will receive VERIFYING that you wanted to sign up.  Or... your email address won't be verified and you wont get this via email.

Mrs. Older

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