Tuesday, February 25, 2014


His boat capsized and he drifted in the open waters of a vast and terrifying ocean.  He didn't have a raft, or a boat, or even a piece of wood to cling to. He was alone. In the raging waters.  He had to tread water constantly to stay afloat and to stay alive. After a few days, without any food or water, he became exhausted. Weary to the bone. He couldn't keep himself alive anymore.  He stopped trying. His story taught me something very foundational about living life.... and that is....

Sometimes you are just too tired to keep trying.. you get weary of being hit with wave after wave after wave.  You just want the storm to still for a few minutes.  You just want someone else to hold you up when you feel like you're going under.

This man didn't want to die. He wanted to live.  But he just DIDN'T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO KEEP HIMSELF ALIVE ANYMORE.  So he decided to  give up. And he waited to sink.  At that moment he heard a Voice which told him to NOT GIVE UP.  This heavenly Voice was enough to give him the courage to try for just a little while more - and then he was rescued. (Or his story wouldn't have been in the Reader's Digest.. DUH)

Dear weary wedded woman,
Why do you think He is causing your eyes to read this blog today?  
It's a voice from heaven saying, "DON'T GIVE UP... GIVE IT SOME MORE TIME. Help is on the way!!"
Mrs. Older, has been in circumstances throughout my ever increasingly long life when my strength ran out before the problem did.  And in quiet desperation I looked up. And cried to God.  And somehow... I did not go under.  He rescued me.  Somehow... help came.  Not only was I rescued but I was HEALED - and continue to be healed - of all the after effects of the storm. It didn't happen in one second... sometimes He healed me in stages.. but.. HE HEALED ME.  He rescued me. 

I used to feel like I needed to have more complicated answers to such complicated questions people asked me about.. friends struggled with like depression, betrayal, sickness, finances, family problems.  Behind the scenes, people are in desperate pain.  Life has hit them hard.  And today may be the day that someone will stop trying. Maybe you are that someone?  You are tired.  And want to give up.  On God. And on the hope that He will EVER still the storm.  Why do you think He is causing your eyes to read this blog today?  It's His Voice saying, "Don't. Give. Up. Help is on the way." 
He will rescue you.  He will.

Who convinced you that God isn't faithful?  Not God.
Who convinced you that God couldn't change things?  Not God.
Who convinced you that God doesn't care about you?  Not God.
Who convinced you that God doesn't have the power to deliver you?  Not God.

1 Peter 5:7 instructs:  "Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you".  You don't just cast one worry, one time and it's over.  No.  It's a constant and continuous and daily CASTING on Him.  Not on your pastor, or counselor, or small group leader. But on JESUS.

What's the thing - or things - that causes you to be so exhausted that you want to give up?
Name it.... and then tell Jesus you are putting it on Him.

I can't make you believe me.
I can only pray that you will.

Mrs. Older

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  1. Thank you. You can never know how your words were used today.