Saturday, February 22, 2014


According to the weather people, today is going to be a SUNNY SATURDAY.  So many of us are WEATHER WEARY... aren't we?  Even when the sun is shining outside, we can have a dark cloud of DOOM and GLOOM hanging over our hearts.  Mrs. Older is going to give you SEVEN SECRETS FOR  A SUNNY SATURDAY:

1- DON'T FOCUS ON TOMORROW MORE THAN YOU FOCUS ON TODAY:  Try to bring your thoughts back to.. TODAY.  Don't let your mind wander to the problems waiting at work on Monday, or bills that are due next week, or whether or not your husband is going to keep his promises for tomorrow.  You are wasting all that God has given you today.  NEWS FLASH: You may not see tomorrow.

2- DON'T FOCUS ON YESTERDAY MORE THAN YOU FOCUS ON TODAY:   What you did yesterday is over..  What you did wrong and what you did right.    Some of us focus so much on how GOOD YESTERDAY WAS.. that today always pales in comparison.  OR maybe you just cannot GET OVER something you or 'Mr. Husband" did on a particular yesterday... that it haunts you and ruins today.  You CAN "take your thoughts captive" with God's help.  The eternal battle begins in your mind... your enemy ruins your thoughts before he ruins your life.  Stop thinking about yesterday.  IT IS GONE.

3. FOCUS ON EVERY SMALL BLESSING AND BE THANKFUL.  I know you know this in your brain... but... let me ask you:  are you able to walk when you want to go somewhere?  Can you get up and walk to the refrigerator, to the mail box, to the shower?  Some people reading this cannot.  And their whole life would be changed if they could just........walk.  They would give EVERYTHING THEY HAVE just to be able to walk on their own.  Do you take walking for granted?  You shouldn't.  Do you take seeing, or breathing without help for granted?  You shouldn't.  Are you fighting for your life against Stage Four Cancer? If you aren't. then you have so much to be thankful for?  Do you have more than enough food to eat? Do you have more than enough money to buy food?  Do you live somewhere where you can actually just walk in a store and buy all the food you want?  You have MUCH to be thankful for.  So BE THANKFUL.  This involves using your mouth and thanking God for things like... eyesight, and lack of hunger, and good health.  People all over the world would consider themselves RICH BEYOND RICH if they had 1/4 of what we all take for granted.  Don't assume you deserve it.  It's a blessing.

4- GIVE YOUR HUSBAND A BREAK. Really, honey, grow up a little and understand that sometimes life is not fair, and sometimes people do stuff, and sometimes you just have to let it go.  Let. IT. Go.  Whatever he did. Whatever he didn't do.  Yes, it's not fair.  Yes, he is getting away with it.  Yes, you've been wronged.  Yes, you are right.   DON'T THINK ABOUT IT FOR JUST ONE DAY. JUST ONE DAY.  Let it float in to the air of forgetfulness and forgiveness... Sorta like.. no.. EXACTLY LIKE.. God does with your failure.

5- DO SOMETHING YOU WANT TO DO INSTEAD OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO DO. You will not finish all those "have to do" chores today.  You will not. You are not going to be awarded The "Wife and Mother Who Most Closely Resembles A Marine Drill Sargent Award."  They stopped giving that award in 423 B.C.   So cross a couple of things off the list and just do something you WANT to do.  It doesn't have to be an EVENT.  But really... most of us work all week at a job where we HAVE TO DO THINGS.  Take some time today to just have fun. Let your kids take a breath and play.  And your sweet husband also.

6-  SING TO GOD.   You read it correctly.  Sing a song or worship to God, The Almighty One.  Open your mouth.  And sing something, and sing it FROM YOUR HEART to the ONE WHO SEES YOUR HEART.  This is not just gooblygok nonsense. This IS AN ESSENTIAL PART of a HAPPY DAY.  Sing to the One who invented singing, sing to the One who invented Music, Sing to the One who Sings over you.  Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. YES... SING!

7- SAY SOMETHING LOVING TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.  Yes.. I mean this too.  Tell your husband that you love him.  Actually OPEN YOUR MOUTH, and say it with conviction. Or tell him that you appreciate something he does, or something about him, or something.  And do the same for your children... and your family.   AND DO NOT SAY IT EXPECTING THEM TO SAY SOMETHING BACK.  JUST SAY IT. 

Well, let me know how that works.
It will work.
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Thanks so much,
Mrs. Older

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  1. I agree with you. Thank you for taking the time to post this blog. I read it every day.