Thursday, February 13, 2014


Let me start out by saying that if I could, IF I COULD, I would just SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL  any husband who forgets to remember to do something - ANYTHING -  for his wife on Valentine's Day.  O.K.? O.K. I mean, it comes EVERY YEAR a few weeks AFTER THE SUPER BOWL.

Having said that, I wonder how many wives are scouring the stores trying to find the best deal on a dozen roses?  How many wives are walking the aisles of CVS looking at chocolate hearts filled with candy?  How many wives are hearing their HUSBANDS mention that his friend's WIFE has made reservations at a really high-end restaurant for Valentine's Day? (Hint. Hint.)

And have you noticed the Jewelry commercials on T.V. NEVER show a woman handing a box of jewelry to her HUSBAND?  Well, o.k., it's probably because her husband would rather have some new fishing lures but.. well... you get the point.

Speaking of Jewelry commercials, how about the one where the husband and wife are at a restaurant and the husband is pitifully begging his rude wife to stop ignoring him and to look up from texting on her phone so he can hand her a gift of jewelry?  He has to text her himself so she will look up at him long enough so he can have the high privilege of giving her a box with jewelry in it.  And the commercial doesn't show WHAT SHE BOUGHT HIM? What DID SHE DO FOR HIM FOR VALENTINE'S DAY?  The commercial ends with them kissing and hugging and her SMILING.  And the message we are giving our young men is that YOU HAVE TO BUY WOMEN STUFF IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THEM HAPPY and young women are being groomed to EXPECT TO GET STUFF FROM guys. 

Women EXPECT gifts on Valentine's Day. EXPECT THEM.  Where's the LOVE in that?
We are not ENTITLED to LOVE.  Or gifts. Or anything.
LOVE is a gift....
Expressing it however, especially on Valentine's Day is something a wise man understands.

The history of Valentine's Day is sketchy, but most historians agree it is connected to Christians who were martyrs.  And the reason they were martyrs is because someone came and ended their very life because they followed Christ.  

Dear wife:
You are not a Christian martyr if your husband doesn't remember Valentine's Day.
You are not a Christian martyr if a woman you know gets a better gift than you do.
You are not a Christian martyr if you don't go out to dinner on Valentine's Day.
You are not a martyr if your husband ignores Valentine's Day.

God created marriage.  He did not create Valentine's Day.
But He did create love.

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day we show love.  SO....

  • There are women out there who have lost their husbands this year.  Through death.  Or maybe through divorce (which is like death.)  REACH OUT TO HER.  It isn't candy she misses.. it's the life she had with her husband.  You can't replace her husband, but you can offer some real love and compassion.  Invite a single woman out to dinner with your family. 

Take your eyes off yourself, sweet woman, and look around.
  • Why don't you reach out to a widow?  
  • Why don't you buy some candy for the children of someone you know who is struggling financially this year?  
  • Why don't you take the time to buy something for your husband?  
  • How about you sit your children down at the dinner table and have every one of them say out loud something they love about someone sitting at that table? 

I don't mean to sound unloving, but truly, the reason we hear so much about Valentine's Day is because PEOPLE MAKE MONEY on it. 

It isn't Valentine's Day in heaven. It must break our Father's heart to see a man-made holiday bring division between two people He considers ONE FLESH.
Jesus teaches us that what we GIVE is always more important than what we GET.

Including your husband.

I love you.
Mrs. Older


  1. You are a holy hoot. Thank you for speaking the truth when so many women speakers and authors are just trying to be popular and get you to buy their books. That you don't care if people know who you are speaks volumes about who you are.

  2. Lara, I am assuming that being a holy hoot is a good thing. Right? Actually, I am discovering that trying to find my not-so-secret identity is not that difficult... Thank you for kind words.
    Mrs. Older