Saturday, January 25, 2014


In the beginning.....God did not invent laundry.... 

BUT....CONSIDER the world that God ACTUALLY created for women. No clothing.. therefore no laundry. She never looked in her closet and saw nothing to wear, or clothing that used to fit and now was too tight.  She never had to schlep to the grocery store in 40 inches of snow because all the food she needed was right there in her "Garden".  She didn't have a budget. She had no bills to pay. She didn't have to worry about sickness.  No cramps. No bloating. No bad hair days.  She had no fear.  She wasn't jealous of anyone. She was, in reality, the most beautiful woman on earth.  Her husband wasn't distracted by his career, football or another woman walking by.  He only had eyes for her.  And then something happened.  She SAW something she couldn't have.  Who made her focus on it?  Satan.  (Read Genesis, Chapter 3).  Instead of focusing on everything SHE DID HAVE... she wanted the one thing she DID NOT HAVE.

As a result, HER PERFECT WORLD.. changed in an instant.

The instant she LOOKED at something SHE FELT WAS GOOD.. would make her WISE.


She SAW... she ATE... she was CONQUERED by SIN.

And then she knew things she had never known.  She knew that she was naked and she was ashamed of her body and her nakedness... and she knew fear and she hid herself from God...she was afraid of God in one unholy moment.... and she gave us all a difficult life from that moment on.  

And that's the day LAUNDRY was invented.  Laundry is a result of The Fall.  No wonder I hate doing it.

GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR YOU TO HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY.... or have a difficult life... AND LIVE IN FEAR OF SICKNESS, POVERTY, HARM.   He never intended for husbands to become bitter against wives and for wives to want to be in charge but have to submit.  God didn't create chaos.  We did.

You may not realize that the chaos in your home is often the result of you seeing something that YOU WANT and feel as if you DESERVE and feel like GOD is KEEPING IT FROM YOU.  

More importantly you don't understand that the same serpent has slithered in to your Garden... and in the same way he sowed discontent in to Eve.. he is sowing it in your heart..
He's not playing games.  He knows the family is the foundation of the world.

 He has come to kill, steal and destroy... YOUR MARRIAGE, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR FAMILY and YOU.  He makes us focus on what we don't have rather than what we do.

  • Sometimes we want the authority that God has given to our husbands.
  • We want the husbands that God has given to another wife.
  • We want to know those DEEPER things of God while ignoring the basic things like obeying God in what He has already told us.
  • Other people's success makes us bitter inside.  Even people in ministry.
  • When we don't have something we really want, and feel we deserve, we think that God is the one withholding it from us.
God isn't mean.  He IS love.  He is kind.  He is merciful.  He is powerful.
He commands us not to COVET because He knows how destructive it is to OUR peace.
Be still.
God does not owe you one thing. He does not.  He offered you His Only Son, on a Cross and a Resurrection to all who believe in that Holy Sacrifice.
Want to focus on something?
Focus on where you would be spending forever if God didn't give us the merciful opportunity to undo the harm done we did to ourselves in that first Garden.

Your covetous heart can be healed and peaceful.
But only God can do it. 

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."   2 Corinthians 4:18

Mrs. Older
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