Thursday, September 5, 2013


Mrs. Older has lots of faults.  If you knew me, you'd agree.  But one thing I have tried to work hard at in the last couple of decades is being someone who keeps someone's secrets a secret.  Maybe that's the reason that people feel free to confide in me.  ( I also pray it's because the Holy Spirit lets them know I care about them)...  And in every situation... when I say I will pray.. I do.  And when I say I will keep it confidential.. I do...

Which brings me to the point. One of the reasons so many Mrs. Youngers feel "less than" and "discouraged about" is because of how they see their friends lives playing out in Social Media.  They see the smiling happy faces on Facebook.. and get so upset thinking their family doesn't measure up. 

Some of my Facebook friends are also the ones who are asking for prayer. I feel honored to have their trust in such a way that they believe me when I say I will pray.  Because I do.

But because they tell me stuff  -  I know that the face they show on Facebook is not the face I see in person... crying out to God for help.. for deliverance... for power.  They are desperate (as every one alive is) for God's help.  Life has bigger mountains than they can climb.

  • For some people it's an affair in a marriage and the marriage needs help.
  • For others it's a husband who is successful in his career but AWAY from God and drinking too much... and dabbling in drugs.. but.. shhhh... shhh... shhh.. don't tell anyone. Let everyone think he is just so SUCCESSFUL..... 
  • For others.. it's internet porn and sexual deviancy
  • For others it's bad news from the doctor.
  • For others.. it's severe financial woes.
  • For others.. it's severe family misunderstandings.. mothers vs daughters, sister vs sister, etc.
  • For others it's a marriage that is dead and without joy.
  • For others.. it's a gambling problem they THINK they are hiding from the family.
  • For's a teenager gone wild.

AND YET.. on FACEBOOK... every one of these families post a life that does NOT reflect the struggle they face on a daily basis.  Every family has smiling pictures of themselves doing fun stuff together as a family.  So do I.

 I'm not saying they need to air their dirty laundry on Facebook.  Actually, I think some people post TOO MUCH INFORMATION... but... don't believe what you see on Facebook.. and think YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING WITH SOMETHING.. O.K.?  O.K.

I cannot tell you how often - HOW OFTEN - a Mrs. Younger will say to me that when they compare their lives to "SO and SO's" life on FACEBOOK... they feel like complete failures.  And I want to say, "Honey, you would not BELIEVE what is going on BEHIND THE SCENES."  But I cannot and I do not

THE TRUTH is THAT ....Every family on earth has something they need God to intervene about. Every successful family has something to THANK GOD for.


Your life is better than you might think.  "Their" lives are not as wonderful as they appear.

BE thankful for what you have and not what you THINK your Facebook friends have.

Over and out.
Love you,
Mrs. Older.

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