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It breaks God's heart to see people living like the girl in the picture. And so many of us live that way - at least inwardly.
Yesterday I reminded us that the first thing SIN did was to cause Adam and Eve to hide. WHY DID THEY HIDE? It's because they were afraid because they were naked.  I find it so interesting that God's response was not something like, "Oh, I don't care that you're naked." or "Let me get you some clothes."
God's first response was:


(Genesis 3:11) 
  • Who told you that the way I created you was something that should make you afraid of Me? 
  • Who made you run and hide who you are from Me? 
  • Who told you that you needed to cover yourself in order to exist in this place I created just for you?
  • Who lied to you? Who lied to you? Why did you believe The Lie?
This is not a blog about the benefits of nudity.  But about being who we REALLY ARE in front of a loving God.  We aren't programmed to be real.  We are programmed to be what we think others will like.  It wasn't nakedness that bothered God. It was them being AWARE of their nakedness that made them afraid of God.   God didn't care that they were naked. 

In order to feel God's love you have to be who you REALLY ARE in front of Him.
The first result of sin is that we become AFRAID of GOD rejecting us.
Who are you? Really? That's the YOU God wants.  That's the YOU God loves.
Many of us know the description of love in 1 Corinthians 13.
God IS love.  Love is God.
So then..
Read 1 Corinthians 13.  The way it describes love is the way God loves you.
That is how the Holy Spirit defines love.
That is how God is loving you.

Forget about.. just for a season... how much or how little your husband loves you.
Get real before God.
Expose your heart to Him.

You will be FOREVER changed when He shows you - in whatever way He decides - to remind you that HE LOVES YOU THE WAY HE CREATED YOU.

"Who told you you were not good enough?" He asks.

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