Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Though it's quickly becoming just the day after Halloween and before Christmas.. I just LOVE THANKSGIVING. 

I got an email this morning from a sweet young woman who reads this blog and she said:

"Mrs. Older, I am terrified of Thanksgiving.  My parents and my husband's parents don't like each other.....and his parents aren't big fans of mine.. and my parents hate my husband also.  Our three children - their grandchildren  - are the reason we all gather together, but there really isn't much love.  My father will say something to my husband like, "Are you still stuck in that ridiculous job?" and my mother-in-law says sentences like, "I would be happy to pay for a cleaning woman to come in once a week."  My mother then fumes, and it's simply a horrible day.   Do you have any advice for me?"

Sweet child... I ALWAYS have opinions and advice.  I would say this.  First of all, try to speak THANKS.  If your dad says something negative about your husband's job, you can say, "Yes, but we are so thankful he has one." 

Cleaning lady offer?  Say something like, "I'm so thankful I am healthy enough to clean my own house."  

And then... hold on to your spatula....thank each one of them for something. Yes.. open your mouth and say thank you for something.  You could thank your mother-in-law for something she instilled in her son.  You could thank your mom for something she taught you. The thing is that everyone in the room - including your children - will hear your thankful words.

Some people advise that biting your tongue is the best holiday advice.  In many cases that's true.
But on Thanksgiving...
Ask God to give you a thankful voice.
Sounds silly?
Yes. It does.
Sounds too simple.
Yes. It is.
Try it once.
Then tell me what happens.
Don't forget to thank God from Whom ALL YOUR BLESSINGS FLOW.
You may not have as many blessings as you think you should.. but I'm sure you have more than you can handle.
On another thankful note... 


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