Saturday, November 24, 2012


Just a little follow up email from the sweet woman whose email I published in my last blog. (BTW... I NEVER publish email comments.. even anonymously... unless I get permission from the writer.  So... don't worry about sending me an email and then seeing it in one of these blogs)

OK.. so here's what she said,

"Mrs. Older, 
I want to say thank you for suggesting that I speak thankfulness out loud during the tense moments of Thanksgiving with my parents and my husband's parents.  It was the most peaceful holiday we have ever spent together and I have to say it was because of your advice.  I noticed how often I had the choice to let someone's comments ruin the atmosphere and I chose to speak thanks. I took the time, right as we sat down to eat to address each person there - including my children - and find something about them that I was thankful for.  It worked.  From that point on, there was just an atmosphere of enjoying th day.  My husband said nice things to my parents, they said nice things to his parents.  I dont think we solved all the issues between us, but we did have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you"

Thankfulness is a gift God gives to us.
Some of us choose to leave that gift unopened.

Have a nice weekend dear sweet Mrs. Youngers.. and fellow Mrs. Olders.

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