Friday, November 16, 2012


She was six years old and without being asked or prompted, she said to me, 

"Life is hard and then you die."   

That statement might hold some truth for some people some where, but how would a six year old know that?  WHY would a six year old know that? Her mom's face got beat red, "I say that all the time" she explained, "but I'm really just kidding." Really?  I was a coward and didn't have the strength or the DEEP LOVE it takes to be honest and tell this woman that her little girl had just voiced her Mommy's core outlook on living life on Planet Earth. Her mom is a prime example of what I identify as "Mrs. Martyr".  

To qualify to be a Mrs. Martyr, you have to:
  • complain about having to do things like the laundry  - rather than being thankful you are able to do it.
  • assume that everyone around you sees how difficult your life is.
  • get an attitude because everyone around you doesn't do something about how difficult your life is.
  • never take the time to look at the challenges other people may be facing in their lives.
  • continually point out to your family how much you do and how little they do.
  • talk negatively about your husband to anyone who will listen.
  • apologize for your children's shortcomings IN FRONT OF your children!!
  • have no hope that things will change in the future,
  • have no plans to forget the hurts of the past.
  • compare yourself to other women and how "easy" they have it.
  • be envious of how "easy" other women have it.
The list could go on and on....

A martyr is a person whose life is TAKEN from them because of something they believe in.  
A wife is a person whose life should be GIVEN to the family she CHOSE to have - her husband and her children.
Unless you were forced at gunpoint to get married and have children, your life today is a result of the choices YOU MADE.  And you can choose to live without being Mrs. Martyr,

1) Talk to God. "God, I don't really believe this talk about your DEEP LOVE for me.  Would you help me to have faith that You do?"

2) Thank God for every single thing.  I am as serious as a heart attack. Open your mouth all day today and say things like, "God thank you that I am physically able to do the laundry", "God thank you for this turkey sandwich I am eating", "God thank you for a husband who overlooks my imperfections even though I constantly point out his", "God thank you that my children have enough to eat, even if our budget is stretched to the breaking point".... and so on and so forth.

The only thing a martyr gets is death. Why would a woman chose to kill her hopes, her dreams and her family's hopes and dreams?  Especially since the truth that Jesus "has come  that you might have LIFE.. and have it EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY."

Change one day. 
Change today.
And then tomorrow do it again.
And in fifty years, you'll look back on a happy life
Mrs. Older 

P.S. Once again I remind you that just because it's simple doesn't mean it doesn't work.
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  1. This one reminds me of myself. I guess I should say thank you.

  2. So very true of me, yet I extend love and encouragement to others!!! So glad I found your blog- everytime , every single time it is dead on what I need to hear!!!

  3. I don't usually reply to comments because I figure I got my chance to say what I wanted to say.....and I will let those wonderful women who read have their chance... BUT.. you will NEVER know how much I appreciate your comments here.. and the emails you send. Thank you so much. My email address is:
    LOVE you.. thank you.