Monday, July 2, 2012


If you knew my husband, you would, eventually have a very high opinion of him.   And he would deserve that high opinion.  He is a man of honor. He is a true worshipper, a musician, songwriter, and he's been a pastor.  He is mercy and love and kindness. He usually succeeds at whatever he sets his hand to - and he gives all the credit to God. He has a soft heart. People like my husband. People really like my husband.  People think my husband is a saint
People don't live with my husband.

There have been times in our decades long marriage when I am sure that aliens have abducted my real husband and replaced him with a stubborn and unreasonable droid.  It's like, "Who ARE you and what have you done with my husband?"  Today I am speaking to wives who are dealing with an Alien Droid who is masquerading as the man you married.  The Alien doesn't get you AND doesn't want to.   It's only natural.... that... if an Alien invaded your home your immediate course of action would be to dial 911.  "HELP! HELP ME!  HELP!!!!  A BEING FROM OUTER SPACE IS LIVING IN MY HOME!  FIND MY REAL HUSBAND!!  HELP ME!  GET ME OUTTA HERE!"   I understand, I really do. But I would like to suggest that the wise wife's reaction to the Alien Droid Husband Scenario is to adopt the U.F.O. Policy.
Unspoken Female Opinion - U.F.O.   UNSPOKEN.  FEMALE.  OPINION. 

I am AMAZED at the negative things wives will publicly say about their husbands. Simply amazed.  When I was a pastor's wife, I would often have to call certain wives to the side and explain to them that the whole women's Bible study group didn't need to know about the "stupid idiotic" thing her husband did last night. We all have to look the guy in the eye on Sunday morning, and NOW...we know what he just did on Monday night.   It was dishonoring and embarrassing.  One of my blogs recently was titled, "It's Not What You Say It's Who You Say It To" and I encouraged all the Mrs. Youngers to pour their hearts out to God first.   But, truth is, there are times when your heart is overwhelmed and you need someone to talk to.  That's great.  Find someONE - your pastor's wife, an older mature woman at church... who will keep what you say in confidence - and give you GODLY advice.  When my husband would reach out to men who were not attending church with their wives -  more than a few said they were embarrassed to attend because they knew WHAT their wives had been saying about them.   Let me clarify..... I'm saying an Unspoken Female OPINION. 
If you husband is abusive I'm not telling you to keep it a secret... If he is.. shout it to the world.. and run for your life!  I'm not telling you to keep silent about or to hide a SINFUL lifestyle.
I'm saying keep your OPINIONS UNSPOKEN. When you say things like,
 "he's so selfish" - "he's so immature" - "he's a momma's boy" - "he's lazy"  it's your OPINION.. not truth IT TO YOURSELF.  Don't belittle your husband. Someday, the Alien Ship will return with your real husband, and the words you say now will be words you will have to eat later.  Keep your opinions to yourself.  Trust me. It's a bigger deal to your husband than you may think it is. (BTW -  This works both ways....I am not a perfect wife. But you'll never hear my husband say so.)  

Everybody thinks my husband is a saint and that's just fine with me.  He is.

"Her husband is a well-known and respected leader in the city" Proverbs 31:23

Mrs. Older

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  1. I need to put the UFO policy to use in my life.Thanks....