Friday, June 1, 2012


So far there are a few dozen women who are going to join in the "SAY IT FOR SEVEN CAMPAIGN" (read yesterday's blog).  The idea is to open your mouth and say GOOD THINGS about your family, about your life, about your day... OUT LOUD and TO YOUR FAMILY. To say things TO YOUR FAMILY about each one of them that will ENCOURAGE, EDIFY and UPLIFT.  No complaining OUT LOUD to anyone (but the Lord). In addition, this is MORE THAN just a discipline of your mouth.  Jesus said that what you say is an overflow of what's in your heart.  This is asking the Holy Spirit to help change what's in your heart.  You cannot do it without the Holy Spirit's help.  Here are some early comments from readers.  You can leave your own if you'd like.   

  • S. says - "I was so convicted because I never say anything good, out loud, about the life that God has given me.  That sentence really hit me."
  • A. says - "I'm in.  My family will thank you for this."
  • B.  says - "SEVEN days?  It seems like forever.  I'm going to give it a try."
  • D. (a husband) says, "I asked my wife if she read your blog today because I don't have the courage to tell her that she is very negative about the things she says about her life.  I feel like such a jerk all the time because we can't fix up the house the way she'd like, we can't go on vacation this year due to job setbacks, we have an older car, and she doesn't like her job.  She said she would give this experiment a shot since I said I would also.  I am so curious to discover if there is anything she actually likes about me, her kids and her life.  Thank you for suggesting this.  She really looks up to you." 
  • M. says - "When you wrote the quote that Jesus said, about that whats' in your heart is what you say, I understood I have a great deal of anger inside me.  I am asking God to help me for seven days."
  • L. says - "I'm with you.  Thank you for the challenge. Yesterday, because I knew I was starting this today I noticed that most of the stuff I say to my family is negative.  I bark out orders, I complain about my mother, I talk about women in my small group.  Thank you.  I'm going to try to do this for seven days."
" I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." 

Yes. You can.

Love you, 
Mrs. Older 

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