Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today is DAY #2 of "Say It For Seven"
 Here are some excerpts from two emails I received from wives:

1- "I can't say I was really great at saying good things on Day 1 but I did notice how often I had to keep myself from saying something cutting or mean. I guess that's a first step."
2- "Yesterday I said out loud that I was grateful to my husband for taking the family out to dinner; at dinner I said I was thankful to have such a great job; I told the kids I enjoyed being their mom.  I tried to say things that were true. So far, nothing earth shattering has happened. But last night while we watched a movie together as a family, there was less arguing between the kids. The house had a more peaceful atmosphere."

A WIFE - her words, actions, and attitude - have a PROFOUND impact on the tone in the home.  I would suggest that before today begins... you decide how the family is going to spend it.  
Ask GOD to send HIS SPIRIT to give you a heart of thankfulness. 

And sometimes - making a PROCLAMATION is a good way to make a good day.
When you tell your kids, "Today is going to be a HAPPY DAY.  Today we are going to LOVE ONE ANOTHER"  it can often be the seed that causes your family to have the kind of day you just announced.  Kids believe what Mommy's say. If Mommy says it's going to be THAT kind of day.. the kids look forward to what she just said.

If Mom says something like, "DEAR GOD.. I don't know HOW I'm going to get everything done today.. What an awful day it's going to be."  you've already announced to the family that they need to hang on for dear life... and stay outta momma's way.  Who wants to live through a day like that?  Not your family.  They are prisoners in a house of horror.

If a wife says to her husband,  "I'm in a bad mood today... " can she expect him to be in a good one? No.

PROCLAIM good things for a good day - and see what happens.
Choosing to be ENCOURAGING and create an atmosphere of peace in your home is not as difficult as some wives seem to think it is. It is a choice.  Just like what to make for dinner or what to wear to church.  Make the choice to lift your family UP today. Make the choice to say OUT LOUD the good things you notice about your life.  Just try it.  Trust me.  If you try it for seven days... it will change.... everything.

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Mrs. Older

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