Thursday, May 31, 2012


Some people are hurt because someone said "I hate you!"
Some people are hurt because someone never said "I love you." 

Some people say things they should never say.
Some people never say things they should say. 

There is nothing we can do about hurtful words we have spoken.   We can apologize, ask for forgiveness... but the words still wounded the heart of the hearer.  That's why there is so much teaching about controlling the tongue.
BUT.....Controlling the tongue doesn't just mean NOT SAYING STUFF.

If you are a wife who prides herself on the fact that you never say anything hurtful... good for you.  But.. you should also know that many hurting people point to words they NEVER HEARD from Mom.  They never heard what mom liked about anything - their dad, their house, their life, their church, their friends... and them.

If you are a silent admirer of your life - you need to change... and OPEN YOUR MOUTH to speak good things.  Give it a try. Just for seven days.

Consider this your OFFICIAL invitation to be part of 
Mrs. Older's 

"Say-It-For-Seven Home Improvement Campaign"

OK.. don't make light of this.   For the next SEVEN DAYS - June 1 - 7 -  start  a NEW habit of saying stuff you LIKE about your life, your family and others.  Say it OUT LOUD for seven days.

The only RULE is that you must speak TRUTH.  Because the TRUTH is that all around you are GOOD things.. which GOD has given you. 

I'm not just talking about telling your family what you like and appreciate about them and what they do and who they are... though.. that's part of the Say It For Seven program. But let your family hear you say good things about your life.. in general.  OUT LOUD.  About your friends, your family, your job, your church, your husband, your home. It's easy to complain  - but it's just as easy to PRAISE the LORD for what you HAVE.

SAY ONLY GOOD THINGS FOR SEVEN DAYS.  I'm serious.  Anyone can do anything for just seven days.  Find the good and "Say It For Seven" Days.
And see what happens to your home.
And your
It will change everything about your world.  And I think you'll have a difficult time going back to your complaining when Day Eight rolls around.  
"The mouth speaks what the heart is FULL of." - Jesus, Matthew 6:45 (NIV)

Love you,
Mrs. Older 


  1. Ouch. All I do is speak negative things. All day long. I will try to speak good things for seven days. Thank you once again for such simple truths.

  2. I know my family will thank you for this challenge...I'm in!