Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well.. it's been a busy couple of weeks for Mrs. Older.  I miss all of you Mrs. Youngers and fellow Mrs. Olders.
The picture to the left is of my Aunt Mary, 87.  I was in my hometown city - speaking at my hometown church for Mother's Day.. up in the Northeast...and  Aunt Mary came to the service to hear me. 
I didn't realize then that just one week later, although seemingly in great health for an 87 year old - she would have a stroke... and be in Intensive Care in her local hospital - where she remains as I type this.  The day of the stroke, she'd gone on a bus trip with her church group. She has such a fun day. I love Aunt Mary.  She is like a second mother to me.   
We are praying for God to have His Will in her life.   At the moment she clings to life... and we are believing that God can do what he wants.  We want her to keep living - but she just longs to see Jesus.  A week earlier, one of my cousins, a hairdresser, was giving her a perm.  My aunt always dressed impeccably and cared about her appearance.   She said to my cousin, knowing how much the family adores her, "When I go, I know you will all be sad, but I'll be happy.  I want to be with Jesus."  What an amazing way for us to be brought up... all of us surrounded by moms who loved Jesus more than anything on earth.  It is a great and awesome heritage.

I have been reminded.. or maybe I'm just being taught...that in the end, what we ARE matters more than what we DO.. or what we HAVE.  Aunt Mary's life is being summed up in simple sentences like, "She is so full of love.  She is  so giving."     It's such a basic reality of being human.. What you ARE is what will be remembered when you are no more.

And so here's a picture of Aunt Mary and a heart she wore to church that day. In the end.. it is Aunt Mary's heart that touches the world she lives in.  

The Bible says that only God can see someone's heart. And that's true. But every now and then someone loves other people so much... someone cares about other people so deeply.. someone gives compassion so fully... that we cannot help through that person to actually  see the heart of God.  I could never see Aunt Mary's heart, but through Aunt Mary's life I could see the heart of God.

Today I want to honor one of my "Mrs. Older's" - who loves Jesus with all her heart.

To all the Mrs. Youngers out there.. worried about finances, concerned about things you can hold and touch... I would like to remind you that anything you can see, touch, or hold is TEMPORARY. 
Focus... on... eternal things.

I love you Aunt Mary.


  1. I will pray for your Aunt Mary. She is blessed to have lived the kind of life that would cause her to have a niece who would write the words you wrote about her. I don't know what people will say about me when the day arrives that my life is nearing its end. I don't think anyone will write about me what you wrote about your aunt. I take this as a chance to change and be someone who is someone who loves others the way your Aunt Mary obviously did.

  2. Thank you Marie, everything you said is so true and wonderful, and reflects your Moms life as well, we love Aunt Mary, MeMa, Mom and pray that the Lord intervenes and has His way, Her life is now in His hands, what a beautiful place to be. We continue to sing in her ear and tell her we are with her and love her. I love you all

  3. I don't know your Aunt, or you for that matter, but I am touched by your love for your Aunt, and her love for her family. Only God can give a person that kind of love. Thank you for reminding us. Praying for your Aunt and your family at this time.

  4. This is the way families should be. This is the kind of life that a woman should live. The Bible says, "A woman who fears the Lord will be praised. Her children will rise and call her blessed." Obviously your aunt is a woman who fears the Lord. Praying for all of you at this time.