Thursday, May 17, 2012


This past Sunday, for Mother's Day, I was invited to speak at all three morning services for a church located in New York City.  I appreciate a pastor who trusts me enough with his sheep to allow me to bring the message for the day. It's a great responsibility and I take it seriously.  Thank God for men of God who are not afraid to let women of God speak... sometimes... Anyway. I spoke about...
...... a woman in the Bible whose story has taught me a great deal.  Her name is Hannah.  You can read her story in the book of 1 Samuel.  Hannah wanted to have a child but GOD HAD CLOSED HER WOMB.. and so.. she could not conceive. God wasn't being mean. God wasn't saying "NO" to Hannah, He was saying "NOT YET"... God was getting ready to give Hannah a "Samuel"  who was one of the most famous prophets in history.  His timing was perfect.  His plan was exact.   But Hannah didn't know any of this.   She prayed year after year, after year, after year. And nothing ever happened. NOTHING EVER HAPPENED.

But one day, Hannah prayed ONE MORE PRAYER.. and that was the prayer that God answered.  All she knew is that God as her only hope, her only answer.  She had no way of knowing that TODAY was THE DAY.. and this was THE PRAYER.. that God was going to answer.
And in spite of the fact that her rival tormented her to tears, and that her husband didn't get her grief over being childless (He said, "Aren't I better than ten sons?" Really?) and that the priest in the temple thought she was a drunk rather than a heartbroken, sobbing woman.. HANNAH PRAYED ONE MORE PRAYER. ONE MORE PRAYER. Even though hundreds of prayers had not been answered.. She prayed one more time.. one more day... and that was the day God heard and answered her. 

Her story has inspired me countless times over the years.  To believe that maybe God isn't saying "NO" but... "NOT YET."  Her story has given me the courage to believe that God has something special.  And so.. I have prayed ONE MORE PRAYER... hundreds of times. And then.... the answer comes. Always better than I could have hoped or expected.

Today..and maybe God seems mean and uncaring to you.... and maybe you have given up thinking God cares... or God understands.. or God is going to hear you...but... maybe He is preparing something so special.  Maybe He wants to answer in a way that is MORE amazing that what you are asking for.

Dear Wife, God isn't mean... even though sometimes people are.  Sometimes.. just like the priest in the temple... His people don't understand, don't have compassion, don't feel your grief.  Hannah knew God was her ONLY hope.. and so to HIM she poured out her heart.  God is your ONLY hope.Would you pray one more prayer today?  Would you believe ONE MORE TIME? One... more.. time?
Why don't you post your prayer request below (you can do so anonymously) so that the other readers and I can join with you and pray with you?  Who knows?  Your ONE MORE PRAYER might be the last prayer you pray before your answer comes.

Love you so much,
Mrs. Older
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Thanks again.
Mrs. Older.

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  1. This arrived in my inbox and for me it was like God was sending it my way. I have been praying about a specific challenge in my family for many years, and lately I have been very close to giving up. Today, I prayed one more prayer. And tomorrow I will pray another one. Until God sends me the comfort I so long for. Thank you,Mrs. Older, whoever you are.