Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I wish someone had taken the time to tell me what I'm about to tell you today, dear wife.  Wait... let me rephrase that.  I wish I had listened to the loving people who did try to tell me what I'm about to tell you, but I was too proud, unteachable, controlling and stubborn to hear it.  The words? 

"Don't waste today worrying about tomorrow."   

Seems simple enough.  And that's the problem.  It seemed like trite, simplistic advice.  Every time someone would have the absolute NERVE to dismiss my "serious" worrying with such trite-ness I used to think, "Seriously?  That's EASY for you to say... because... well... I HAVE to worry about tomorrow because... because.... because... if I worry about tomorrow.... then..... well....."    It was about control.  I thought that if I took the time to think through every possible thing that could go wrong.. and worry about it.. and figure out HOW to figure it out.. then I was in control.  It was a deeper issue.. a spiritual one... of not being sure the LORD was able to be the LORD of my life.  I wasn't sure He was able to handle things. (I know.. I'm not proud of my attitude... )

One day... I read the words of Jesus, "Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?" and they annoyed me!   THAT WAS THE DAY .... I UNDERSTOOD THAT... I was so addicted to my worrying that I had gotten to the point that trusting the words of JESUS seemed unreasonable to me.  Little faith.  That was me. 

I gave my worry to the Lord.  I did.  He taught me ONE DAY AT A TIME.  I began to understand that EACH day He sends enough of everything for TODAY.  JUST FOR TODAY.  I don't have enough strength to handle what may come tomorrow.....and so He doesn't send it today.. HE SENDS WHAT I NEED WHEN I NEED IT.
He is the ONLY ONE who truly KNOWS what I will need tomorrow..and the day after...

One day... I am sure I heard Him whisper to me...
 "See? Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday." 
Ask the Lord for the faith to believe that He's got today all taken care of.. and tomorrow.. 
"Don't waste today worrying about tomorrow."  This is the MOST EXCELLENT ADVICE.  Enjoy what YOU HAVE today... instead of fretting over what you don't have.
Is anybody listening?
Love you,
Mrs. Older.


  1. Mrs. Older - Did my husband call you and tell you to write this today?

    1. Pam, You are funny. Thanks for your comment

  2. Like the Israelite's manna. Only enough for today.