Thursday, April 12, 2012


When I was younger...... four hundred years dear older friend said, "You'll know your face is aging when you apply eyeliner and you'll need one hand to hold your eyelid straight, and the other one to put it on."  "OHHhhhhhhhh"  I said, "Like stretch my eyelid out so that the eyeliner looks straight?"  Yup. That's what she meant. I KNEW it would NEVER happen to ME.

For decades I steadfastly refused to consider that I needed to accommodate crinkly eyelids....until the day I got a lighted magnified mirror.  Then.... the awful truth revealed itself:   My eyeliner looked like I had applied it during a 10.9 magnitude earthquake.  The truth revealed itself through a mirror.. and the mirror was the means to correct it.  I could have refused to look in the magnified mirror again, but that wouldn't have changed the reality.  It would simply mean that everyone else could see my Richter Scale Eyeliner......everyone but me. 

God gives every one of us a mirror so that we can determine the makeup of our hearts. The Bible is the lighted magnified mirror for my inner woman.  It tells me that in Christ I am a new creature. It tells me that there is no condemnation for me because I am in Christ Jesus.  I can never be good enough... so that's why Jesus came.

BUT - He Himself tells me that I must put His words IN TO PRACTICE.  Why? So that when the Earthquakes of Life hits - as it will -  my house will stand and not crumble.  God is building the character of His Very And ONLY Son, Jesus in to us.  That's why His work is to create situations which cause us to trust, love, forgive, overlook, extend mercy, give hope, etc.

When I compare myself to other people, even other Christians... sometimes.. I think I look pretty good.  But when I compare myself to Jesus... I see that I am only kidding myself if I think that the "makeup" of my heart doesn't need to be adjusted.
I realize that my only hope is in Him and He ability to... COMPLETE THE WORK HE BEGAN IN ME (YOU)

Dear Wife.. sometimes....we are the person in the home who needs to change.  Not all the time.. But sometimes... Maybe.. today... you can take your Mirror out, opens its pages, and ask God to speak to you about how your heart looks... to Him.   Because He's the only One who can really see it.
I love you,
Mrs. Older


  1. This is true. I don't like to have to look at myself and how I am adding to the tension with my sacrcrastic words. Today I did what you suggested and I read so many verses about the way a person talks and I think God is telling me that my mouth needs to say better words.

  2. This blog is changing my attitude at a very deep level.