Friday, March 23, 2012


(Dear Mr. Husband, If your wife is asking you to read this blog..I think she is trying to tell you something.)

The other day my husband went on a fishing trip with one of our dear friends.. who has a vacation home in South Carolina.  And in his absence, I was surprised to find... that my husband had put little sticky notes with loving messages all over the place. (see photos) Some of them were in places that were obvious places I would see them - like the coffee pot and the washing machine - but some of them were in places that required some thought on his part.  And that's what touched me the most -  that he knew WHERE to put the notes.

 It isn't as difficult to speak to a wife as so many husbands act like it is. The only thing required to know how to speak to your wife is to know her heart.  And what your wife REALLY wants from you.. REALLY wants from you in all you do and say -  and what she would say is:

And the Bible says that "out of the abundance, overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."   If you want to KNOW HER HEART.. you will have to HEAR HER WORDS.   YES...  you will have to listen to her when she speaks.... and speaks... and speaks...and speaks...Yes... it's true. You will have to NOTICE what delights her, what makes her afraid, help her remember the dreams she had and help her pursue them.  It takes time and effort.... and sacrifice.   It takes a heart of love. It takes a heart like Jesus has.  It takes a love like Jesus has - and only Jesus can give a man that kind of love for his wife. 

It takes a miracle for a man to be the kind of man who knows how to speak to his wife in a way that makes her feel securely loved.  It takes the power of The Holy Spirit to even give a man the desire to want to. 
My husband isn't perfect - he just loves God more than he loves me.
I am not perfect - but I love God more than I love my husband.  He didn't always leave me romantic notes.  I didn't always appreciate them if he did.
Our mutual deep abiding love for God has been the merciful key to a wonderful marriage.  

Dear Unknown Wife Who Is Not Known By her Husband.. Jesus knows you.  Jesus loves you.  Put your hope in the Lord.  Pour your broken heart out to the Lord.
And ask the Lord to tell your husband that it matters to Him  - that you matter to him. It matters to God whether you matter to your husband.

"No one whose hope is in the Lord is ever disappointed." - this is TRUTH from God's Word. You can stand on it.

(Note to Mr. Husband whose wife just asked you to read this.  NOW would be the perfect time to say, "What's on your heart, honey?" ... and then... sit there and listen.)

I love you,
Mrs. Older.

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  1. Candice SalvatoreMarch 23, 2012 at 3:29 PM

    Your writing style reminds me of Nora Ephron.