Monday, February 20, 2012

This guy was HILARIOUS.  Must have been a stand up comedian on the weekends.  You know, when he wasn't being a guy in the Bible trying to comfort his wife - who had been trying to have a baby for years and couldn't conceive. And so he feels bad and wants to comfort her by asking these HILARIOUS questions. Obviously he was trying to get her to laugh when he says, "Why are you crying?"  We women just LOVE when we are crying and our husbands don't have a clue why we're crying, don't we?  Surely it got her in a good mood IMMEDIATELY.. and then.... the punch line.... "Don't I mean more to you than ten sons?"  WOW....Can't you see her just laughing, and laughing and laughing? He couldn't have been serious.. right?  He was kidding, right? Right?

Well... fast forward a couple thousand years to a married man whose name is not important, but he was ready to walk out on his wife of nineteen years.. and had come to speak to my husband, his pastor, about his reasons why.  His wife was there so I was too.   Of course there is hardly ever a good reason to leave your wife.. but I found it interesting that he said something similar to what the guy in the Bible said, "I love my kids and my wife is a great mother... but sometimes she needs to remember that she is also somebody's wife. I feel like all I am is an extra arm to help her with the kids,  a paycheck to help her feed and clothe them."  His wife said something close to, "Oh, please. Stop whining."  But eventually..........she admitted to me that she started to see that all her focus was on the children and the only time she focused on her husband was to ask him to help her with the children.

Of course......maybe the guy in the Bible wasn't kidding around.  Maybe some men don't really get the whole being-a-mommy thing.  Maybe he actually believed that he meant more to her than having ten sons.  WAS HE WRONG FOR BELIEVING THAT? Does a man have to take a back seat to children?  Should he?

What do you think? 

It takes a women full of wisdom of the Holy Spirit, a woman on her knees in prayer, to know when she needs to be a wife, when she needs to be a mother and
how she can figure out how to be both.

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Love you,
"Mrs. Older"

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