Sunday, February 19, 2012

Portable Phones 
are really good except when you forget to hang them back up at their base.  This is not good for two reasons.  1- Because they run out of power and then you can't use them; 2- Because you never know where they are.
I rarely - ok - never hang the portable phones up.  If you could see the scene when you happen to call our home, it would be of me running from room to room trying to follow the sound of the phones ringing.  If I happen to find the phone before our answering machine picks up the call - we talk. 
I never understood that someone must be hanging the phone up because the phones never run out of battery power.   I knew it wasn't me.. but I never actually took the time to think "Wow, my husband is taking care of the portable phones situation."  It's such a small part of my existence... until..he went out of town for a few days.  A day or two after he left, all the portable phones were dead. It wasn't a big deal until I couldn't use the phones anymore.  I didn't notice someone was taking care of me until they weren't around anymore. 

This isn't rocket science theology you're reading but who needs rocket science unless you plan to be in a rocket?  

This is simple truth - don't wait until something isn't working until you understand how wonderful it is to have it. A marriage is destroyed one day at a time, one word at a time, one missed opportunity to say "thank you" at a time. 

Ultimately, it is God who is blessing us - whether we acknowledge it or not.
I have learned to ask God if He would be kind enough to help me to NOTICE the blessings He has given me.  It's a simple prayer.. and He answers it.   I have asked Him to help me have a thankful heart.

It's better to go through life with a thankful heart than a CRANKY ONE...

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Love you
Mrs. Older. 
"The sacrifice that honors me is a thankful heart." - God

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