Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm an author. Or.. maybe I'm a writer. I write magazine articles. I have a monthly column. My target audience is primarily married women between the ages of 25-50.  These women are, for the most part, "churched" women.  Christian women.  The circulation for these magazines I write for is a couple of hundred thousand readers per month.  And as a result I get emails.  Boy do I get emails.

Most of these emails are questions about being married.  Being a wife.  Being a mother.  Being a Christian wife and mother.  How does a woman's faith affect her family?  Does it?

And in recent months, some of my readers have asked for a place they can go on a more regular basis and talk about being a wife... mother... follower.

And because I have.. somehow... been married for over 42 years to the same man I married when I was still a teenager....I have become an "expert."  Be warned.  This site will talk about being married from a religiously colored viewpoint, but it will not be religious or stuffy.

It will be my perspective  - and I have been told my writing style evokes laughter.  Hopefully it means I can write in a humorous way.. rather than my writing is so poor it makes people laugh.

Final warning... I am a addict.  I am trying. So if the dots annoy you, have mercy. I am in dot recovery.


  1. yeah! Am I really the first comment? You're in good company bcause I have never written on a blog before so, dot, dot, dot! What magazines do you write for? Oops, gotta go, Lydia needs math help.

  2. Thought I would come here to your very first blog since it's my first visit in hopes to know you. Can I just say I LOVE IT! I too am a dot addict...not so sure about the recovering part though! :-)