Thursday, February 23, 2012

He was the ultimate male. Stronger than any other man alive.   
Conqueror of Evil. Defender of the Good. OK, he also had a penchant for prostitutes which caused his parents great grief.. but.. he was a Champion of Champions. If he had lived today, he would definitely have had an agent, a book deal, his own TV reality show. A couple of billion dollars in the bank.   Everyone would have been a fan of Samson.  From his birth, God had a specific plan for Samson. God chose Samson to defeat His enemies.  What an honor. Unfortunately for Samson, he became a fan of Delilah's. And she was no fan of Samson's.  We know the story.  His enemies wanted to know the secret of his strength and they used his desire for Delilah to get it.
Why would a man stay with a woman who has shown that her main goal is to get him to give up his God-given strength?  Why would a man decide to give up God's powerful plan for his life just to please a woman?
I always assumed it was Delilah's intoxicating beauty that got to Samson. But NO that is not accurate.  The Bible tells us  "Delilah started nagging and pestering him day after day, until he couldn't stand it any longer."  DELILAH WAS A NAG !  After a while, a woman can twist a man's mind so much that Delilah actually had the NERVE to say to Samson, "How can you say you love me and not tell me the secret of your strength?"... Hello? Samson? Wake up.  The woman just tried to kill you twice.  But Samson was in a trance.  He couldn't see Delilah for who she really was.  Delilah was counting on that. 
At the core of Delilah's nagging was the desire to get her own way.   Sound familiar? She didn't really care what she was doing to Samson - as long as SHE GOT HER WAY! It was because Samson wanted to BE WITH DELILAH that her nagging got the result she wanted.

And so it is with us.. dear wives... WE OFTEN WANT OUR OWN WAY .. and we nag and we nag and we nag until we get it.. 
And our husbands... who want to be with us and have a happy family.......and because we WILL NOT STOP NAGGING.....eventually give in... do what we want........and we think we've won. But we have not won a thing. All we have is a man who has given up his God-given strength to please us. And what we really needed, what we really craved was a man whose main desire is to please God. And to do God's will. And to be God's man. And to make the will of God more important than the will of anyone else.....even his nagging wife.  And time after time, you will meet these Delilah's.......and rather than being happy about wearing their husbands down - and getting them to do what they want all the time.... they are the most frustrated and unhappy women alive.
We are all Delilah's to some degree.  We all want what we want when we want it.  But sometimes, God steps in and speaks to us.  And some of us listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He speaks.  And we understand that our greatest joy will be when we allow our husbands to be the man that GOD created in HIS image.  And we stop trying to create our husbands in OUR image.
 "LOVE.... does not demand its own way." 
So, here's the challenge.  For JUST ONE DAY.. JUST FOR TODAY... don't require everyone around you to do everything you want every time you want it.  For JUST ONE DAY... see what happens when you give up control of your husband to your husband and His God.  Nagging works......but.......not the way you want it to. 

Love you,
Mrs. Older.
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  1. OUCH! You are right on but it hurts to hear it. I don't know if I am capable of not controlling everyone around me. I might try to do it for one day.

    1. How did you do? Did you make it through the day?

  2. You are an amazing teacher.

    1. You are letting the Holy Spirit speak to you. It's not my words, it's your heart.

  3. Cannot tell you how much these posts are encouraging me! I even shared the one about doing the things you first did at dinner tonight. This blog is exactly what I've needed!

    1. HOORAY! WONDERFUL. Thank you for letting me know.