Wednesday, May 17, 2017


"Mrs. Older", she emailed me, "have you died or something??"  

I answered her and said, "No, I haven't died...but my mother died two years ago and she's become very well known after her passing... and I have been representing her... all over the place.."  

What has happened to me in the last few years is astounding and God ordained. As you know, if you've been following this blog at all...God has placed on my heart the reminder that the older women in the Body of Christ are called to be examples to.. and mentors and teachers of... the younger women in the Body of Christ. 

I started this blog years ago as an act of obedience to God to do my part to share whatever experience and the wisdom that comes from experience.   First it hit me that I am now the OLDER woman.. and.. then it hit me that God expects us all to be there for one another.  We cannot ignore this. 

I am a writer.  And as such.. in conjunction with the time I started this blog...  I started to write a book about my godly, powerful mother.  I knew that the lessons she had taught me as I was growing up would bless any woman who read about her. 
As I was near completion of the book, a friend of mine introduced her to some Christian movie producers...and they became friends and my mom a prayer warrior for the movie.

Just as the book about her was being published, the movie came out.  The movie is not ABOUT her, but the producers brought some attention to her as one of their very dedicated prayer warriors.

They put a small clip of an interview one of the producers had with her on the DVD of the movie. Something about her sweet face, or her powerful spirit and her childlike faith in Jesus has just been hitting so many people who see it.  

So they try to find her on the Internet...but... she isn't here anymore.

Just a month before the book came out and two months before the movie premiered.... the Lord she loved came and got her and took her to live with Him forever.. (Just 37 days later, my father joined her there.) 

BUT.. people look for her... they find me.  And since she CANNOT speak at their churches... they ask me.

So that's where Mrs. Older has been lately.  Flying all over the country.. doing interviews... speaking..... and traveling with Mr. Older.  Telling women about the power of prayer, the answers to prayer my mother received from God.

I was thinking that things would settle down soon, BUT, just last month a HUGE PUBLISHING COMPANY has purchased the book, is giving it a new title and some new info... and it will be hitting world wide in May of 2018.I 

Who knew?

I will be doing publicity tours.. and the book about my mom will be widely promoted... 

BUT.. I am going to be home for the next four or five months.. so my dear MRS. YOUNGERS... get your reading glasses on, because I have LOTS to say to all of you.

First of all.. THANK YOU ... to those of you who "checked in" on me... 
And please feel free to comment on these blogs.. 
I am back.

Mrs. Older

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