Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hello sweet women.  It's the day after Christmas.  Phew.
Some of you spent the day like you spend any other day.  No big deal at all.  Some of you had a huge celebration. A great big deal of planning and shopping and cooking and baking.
Whatever.  It's still the day after Christmas for everyone.
I wrote a little ditty I named "The Twelve Wives of Christmas". Which one comes closest to describing you?

"The Twelve Wives Of Christmas" *

  •  Wife Number 1 is tired and sad.  She didn't get what she wanted and now she is mad. 
  • Wife Number 2 got so much and more.  She hates what she got. Returning it to the store.
  • Wife Number 3 is so proud of her "Bling."  Facebook has pictures showing each thing.

  • Wife Number 4 is sitting at work telling her co-workers her husband's a jerk..for letting his mother take over the day....a Momma's boy who lets Mom always get her own way.
  • Wife Number 5 has kids who are grown and could not find the time to find their way home.  The silence she heard was so hard to endure.  She kept hoping to hear their knock at her door.
  • Wife Number 6 lost her husband last year.  Her first Christmas without him was a day filled with tears.
  • Wife Number 7 did not have the cash to match what the neighbor's kids got for their stash.  Stretching her dollars did not stretch enough to buy her kids most of their Christmas List Stuff.
  • Wife Number 8 had her life change it's course when her husband moved out and filed for divorce. Christmas this year was a heart wrenching day, watching him and his girlfriend drive her three kids away.
  • Wife Number 9 exudes family perfection - praying no one does a closer inspection.  Behind their closed doors things are held by a thread; the world finding out is her ultimate dread.
  • Wife Number 10 is glad Christmas is done.  She wants all her visiting family to be gone.
  • Wife Number 11 has a heart that is driven to live out this day like it's lived out in heaven.  So she does her best to always remember that love isn't just for a day in December. 
  • Wife Number 12 says, "No matter how you lived through your Christmas Day..God's mercy is new and waiting today. Today is the day to continue your giving  - to God who merciful, kind and forgiving.  So give Him your sorrow, your guilt and regret and you'll be surprised at what you will get.  Give Him your brokenness and He makes you whole - punishing you was never His goal.  But to give you a Family in a world without end.  Love is His message.  And you are His friend."

Jesus is the reason for God's mercy.
Jesus is the reason He forgives.
The debt is paid.
Cash in on it today.

Mrs. Older

© 2013 - "Mrs. Older/A Word To the Wives.
All rights reserved.
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  1. You are an excellent writer. It is a crime that I cannot buy whatever you have written because I do not know your identity. If I email you will you reveal yourself?

    1. NO... but thanks for the nice words anyway.

  2. Funny and sad at the same time.

  3. Who in the world is Mrs. Older?