Friday, October 4, 2013


I think about some Godly pastor or some pastor's wife somewhere in the world who has to sit and speak with the parents of this unidentified child in the picture and try to explain to them that perhaps little Johnny has an anger issue.. or ask them to speak to little Johnny because he is biting all the kids in Children's Church... or pity the poor Children's Church worker who has to discipline little Johnny because he broke two ankles and an arm when he pushed three kids in to the wall when they took his crayons.

 IN MY EXPERIENCE... seriously.. honestly... truly... and really... it is easier to tell two Christian parents that they have a helicopter growing out of the left side of their head... they will receive that and believe that more easily and graciously... then to tell them that their  kid is disrespectful, or pulling the wool over their eyes... or ANYTHING that is ANYTHING BUT complimentary about their children.

Why would I write a marriage blog to women and mention the way GOD SAYS children should live and behave?  

Really?  You're actually wondering that?  You don't understand the pressure, stress, division and despair that disobedient children create within a marriage?
Well then honey stay tuned.  Keep reading.

O.K. Tell your friends.
Alert your neighbors.
Mrs. Older is going to be very brave.  And talk to Mommy's about their kids.

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Love you all,
Mrs. Older

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  1. THIS is going to be good. As a pastor who reads your blog all I can say is "Thank you"