Tuesday, January 15, 2013


IMAGINE....if you will......

  • this evening your husband announces that he was fired from his job today.  He says, "I told him that I was just as important to God as he is, and that I was no longer going to let him run things. He fired me because I wouldn't be his slave!"
  • boarding a huge plane and walking in to the cockpit ready to fly it.  When security comes to take you away, the passengers can hear you protesting, "I'm just as important to God as the pilot is........"
  • walking in to the operating room of your local hospital, putting on a surgeon's gown and expecting to perform an appendectomy on the person laying on the table.  When security comes to take you away, the doctors, nurses, and patients can hear you protesting, "BUT I'm just as important to God as the surgeon is" 
  • a person who refuses to stop at red traffic lights -  driving near you one day.   When a huge, destructive fender bender occurs - and YOUR car is extremely damaged,  how would you feel when that person's explanation to the police is, "I'm just as important to God as the other people driving. Why should I have to stop when they get to go?"

The interesting thing about these ridiculous scenarios is that the people ARE telling the truth when they describe God as Someone who loves and values every person.  

God loves the passengers as much as the pilot..but who would you want to fly the plane you are in?
God loves your husband as much as he loves his boss, but that won't help you pay next month's mortgage.
God loves the patient as much as the surgeon, but who would you choose to perform YOUR surgery?
God loves every driver equally, but no one will be safe on our streets if no one obeys the traffic guidelines.

In the same way, in the institution called "marriage" - created by God - He has decided that the man will be RESPONSIBLE for leading the family.
If the plane doesn't fly right... the pilot is held accountable, not the passengers.
If the surgery is not successful - the surgeon is held accountable, not the patient.

But what do you do with a pilot who isn't interesting in flying the plane at all?
Or a surgeon who doesn't perform the surgery and let's the patient die

Leadership = responsibility
Leadership = accountablility

This is an imperfect world.
We fail.
We fall.
This blog is a word to the wives.
Marriage is a team sport.  Husband is team captain..
Many husbands are DROPPING THE BALL...
and that's why many women are RUNNING WITH IT...
In the next few blogs..

How to deal with them.

Mrs. Older
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