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The thing about Naomi is that she didn't understand - or believe - that God was not finished with her or her life.  She had reached an age in life where she felt that whatever HAD happened in her life is all that WOULD HAPPEN in her life.  She called her life and herself... "Bitter"....

In her defense, she had no choice when her husband decided to leave their hometown but to go with him to the land of Moab .  In those days, a woman was simply a man's property. I wonder if Naomi missed her family during those years she lived in Moab?  I wonder if Naomi missed the familiar surroundings and customs of Israel? I think she must have.  Any woman would.  

And then, it all came crashing down, and she is husband-less and son-less, returning to the home she left years earlier.  To be an older woman without a husband or a son in Naomi's society was to be without any social standing, any help in time of need. 

She had no one to help her make it through life.  I don't think I can blame her for being bitter and heartbroken.  And then on top of all that... RUTH... young, energetic, lots-of-life-left Ruth wants to cling to her???    It isn't easy to care about the future of a younger woman who has decades ahead of her to change the course of her life, when your life is almost over.  Or so you think.   However, it was when Naomi shared wise counsel with Ruth... when Naomi let Ruth know the way things worked in the Kingdom (of Israel) that things started to change for Naomi.  She became the mother-in-law of Boaz, a rich man.  She had grandchildren.......and a descendant who would be known by the name "Jesus, King of Kings".

Today, I would like to say to every Naomi out there that God has plans. .. STILL HAS PLANS.. for YOUR life.  You may be a widow... or divorced.... but God still has plans for your life. Your children may live too far away for you to see.......but God still has plans for your life.  Your marriage may be a thing of heartbreak and discouraging days... but God still has plans for your life.  You can teach the younger women how things work in "The Kingdom". 

Our society places high value on youth but God's society is ageless.

You are not OLD in the Kingdom of God.  God's Spirit renews and revives dead bones.You are YOUNG to God. Young. Young. And beautiful.  Always beautiful to God.


PLEASE.......obey.  Because the Holy Truth is that this is not a suggestion. It is what you're SUPPOSED TO DO.

When we older women neglect the younger women around us, it isn't that we are making a choice to do other stuff. We are disobeying what God's Word instructs us to do.  (Sorry. It's the truth). 
Teach and reach out to the younger women. 
I know, I know that some of them don't want to hear a thing you have to say. I know.
I know, I know that some of them don't want to live by God's Word. I know.

But... some of them DO want to hear everything you can teach them.
Ask God to lead you to those women.

Our next blog............Rebellious Ruth

Mrs. Older

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