Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Ruth

Dear "Ruth",

Thank you for hanging in there with me when I wasn't the greatest example.  Thank you for seeing enough of God in me to want to know Him.  You will never know how disappointing life has been for me, and how I fight to overcome the grief I feel inside.  But still, you see something in me that makes you want to keep being part of my life.  You see the God who guides me, who loves me, who is faithful to me.  You see the God who really is and in so doing you reignite my remembrance of His never failing faithfulness.  This is a gift for which I will never be able to express what my heart is feeling in gratitude.  

Even though I fell apart when my life did, having you at my side -  wanting to know, wanting to learn, wanting to hear, wanting to follow - gave me a reason to keep going.  And when you said that my people would be your people, it reminded me that there is so much that is holy and good in God's people.  Thank you for seeing enough of God in His people to want to join the family.  Sometimes, family familiarity brings contempt.. and a person can only see what's wrong with the family.  But you saw the good and wanted to join in.  We aren't perfect but He chooses to make us His children.  Thank you for letting me see, once again, the royalty that is the Family of God.

And thank you for the future you brought to me. You, Ruth, are the hope of God's family.  You are the one who will bring The Messiah to the generations that follow.  It is through you and your faithful obedience that God will save the world.  Though you don't see your part in it, you are The Plan, Ruth. You are The Plan.

Many will follow your example.  Many will follow The One Who comes from your lineage. Thank you for giving me a reason to live when I thought my life had no good reason.
I love you Ruth.


 (For and from every "Naomi" who is blessed to have a "Ruth")

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