Tuesday, August 7, 2012


She's been my friend for almost 40 years.  
(Dear LORD! I AM OLD!) 
She has influenced the world. How?  She isn't a business owner.  She hasn't made millions of dollars.  She doesn't sell a product. She hasn't written a best selling book. She doesn't have a blog.  She doesn't preach sermons.  She isn't a Bible teacher.  She doesn't seek political position.  She hasn't written a well-known song. She isn't a singer. But she has been given a holy gift from a loving God.  Without her gift very little would be accomplished that IS accomplished by anyone anywhere.
Her gift is encouragement (Romans 12:6-8) 
I often wonder why we don't make a bigger deal out of that gift and the people who have it and use it.  We can all use encouragement.  All the time.
Find me someone who has a great reputation in the world for DOING GREAT THINGS and I guarantee you they will point to a behind-the- scenes person who ENCOURAGED them to do it.  The Accuser stands and accuses every Believer and Non-Believer. He whispers words to our hearts and minds.  Right now, dear wife, dear mother, as you read this, he is doing whatever he can to discourage your husband, to bring your children down - to get them to get discouraged in trying to stay on the narrow path.  Furthermore, he tries to keep us from doing what God wants us to do.  He uses others to speak words that get us to doubt our ability, doubt our motives, doubt that our dreams have come from God. What is God's weapon against such discouraging waves of despair?  Encouragement.  From someone He has gifted to use it.

Dear Wife.  Do not take lightly the power of encouraging your husband and your children.  Speak HOPE.  Speak TRUTH.  Speak LIFE to your family.
My friend's husband is a well known singer and songwriter whose words and songs have inspired millions for the past five decades.  She encouraged his gifts, though it cost her many days and weeks holding down the "fort" at home while he traveled.  Her adult children are involved in ministry that reaches thousands every week.
I just want to say thank you to all the Encouragers out there... all the behind-the-scenes heroines of The Faith.  People who encourage others are the people who change the world.

And today, I want to say thank you to my friend, Ruth. For all the people out there who are "out there" because of her words... including a woman friend of hers who is a writer.
Be an encourager today.  Build your family UP - the world is hard at work tearing them down. You can do it. You can.
Mrs. Older

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