Wednesday, August 8, 2012

IN-LAWS !!! !@#@!$

The next few columns I will be discussing the nuclear bomb issue of "In-Laws".  For some of you, this is not a hot issue in your family, while for others it can be destructive and devastating.  
I have in-laws.
I am an in-law.
God has no in-laws.
We are all one big happy family.
Or are we?
So, then here's the deal.  I want to hear from youHERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO GET ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS YOU HAVE.  or to simply "VENT"

HERE'S YOUR CHANCE to ask WHY your mother-in-law does the things she does.
WHY your daughter-in-law does the things she does.
WHY your son-in-law does... etc.. You get the idea.

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I may publish some of your comments.

Mrs. Older

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