Wednesday, May 2, 2012


If you are wife and mother, juggling so much work and responsibility... and you are tired and overwhelmed today... you may look at a picture like the one I have posted today and long for the season of life to arrive when you have the time to walk along a solitary, peaceful beach by yourself - with no one saying "Mommy" fifty times until you answer.  Well, maybe not a beach.  Just a cup of tea on the front porch without interruption.  You imagine when the kids are grown and gone and you will be able to just be you again. Nothing wrong with that.. but.. let me tell you that the season is always greener when you aren't living through it.

 I was talking to a friend of mine this morning - another Mrs. Older.  And we are both enjoying the season we are in - our children grown, grandchildren growing - BUT... as we talked we remembered that there was something solid and comforting about that "raising the kids" season of life.  It was a nice structure to know that for the next several years our lives were pretty much planned out for us - raising the kids, working the marriage, school, homework, school lunches, making dinner, softball games, football games, buying clothes, washing clothes, pets, vacations, church, church camps, etc.   There was a comfort in that that we didn't notice, or appreciate. 

And one of us said, "Wish someone would have told us as younger wives to really ENJOY that season.. and not let it pass without understanding that there would be things about it that we would really really miss someday."  The thing about being old enough to look BACK is now I know the season is always greener when you aren't living in it.  I wouldn't want to be back there - diapers, ear infections, etc. - and although I enjoyed every second of being a mom.... every, single, solitary second....I wish I would have enjoyed it more.

Seize your season... whatever it is... and enjoy it.  Because the one thing about seasons that NEVER changes is that SEASONS always change.
Contentment comes when you understand that it may SEEM like the season you aren't in is green and wonderful and peaceful and fulfilling.....until you are in it.
Every season has a challenge.. that causes us to learn to lean on Jesus... FULLY.
The Bible gives us the key to seasons.. "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstance." Phil. 4:11

Your season the season God has ordained for you, right now.  Be content in it. No, more than that.. REJOICE IN IT.

Preaching to you... the Mrs. Youngers, and the Mrs. Not-So-Youngers and all my fellow Mrs. Olders.
HAVE JOY.  Because JOY is contagious.
Seize the season!
I love you,
Mrs. Older.

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  1. You always say what I need to hear.