Friday, March 9, 2012


I was a teenager when I got married.  It wasn't because I "had" to get married, but we had dated through high school, loved each other, loved the Lord. It was during the Vietnam War - he was leaving for active duty - and we wanted to be married before he left.  So, needless to say, I was an extremely immature wife... and still connected to my amazing mother.  My mother is the original Mrs. Older - a woman of wisdom, faith and power.  
Anyway, one day my husband and I had a terrible argument, and being the brat that I was, I called my mother.  MY HUSBAND WAS WRONG AND I KNEW IT.  I NEEDED REINFORCEMENT to force him to admit it.  So my mother listened to both of us on the phone.  She NEVER took sides.. and she wasn't about to start.  She treated my husband like a son right from the beginning.  She identified the problem immediately!  She said to my young teenager of a husband, "If ____ was a woman of prayer, she would have prayed for God to speak to you about this situation rather than calling her mother." WHAT???????
She taught me a great lesson that day - she KNEW from my attitude and anger that I had NOT brought the situation to God.  She wasn't saying my husband was right, she wasn't saying that I was wrong.  She was simply saying that in a marriage it's not what you say but Who you say it to. 
God wants your marriage to be fair and loving and kind and happy.   But God isn't married to your husband, is He? No.  But He created him.  And He knows him better than you do.  And.......He loves him more than you do. 
You might be floating on butterflies today because you and your husband are so united.  Thank God for that.  But if you are struggling...remember that..  it isn't wrong to talk to others, to ask for advice, to read Mrs. Older's blog.. but ultimately... you need to pour your heart out to your heavenly Father. He will send the Holy Spirit... to comfort you, to give you wisdom, to show you truth, to give you power. Ask yourself a simple question:  Have I talked to God about this? Do I trust Him to handle it? Am I at peace because I have faith that God has heard me, and will heal my heart and my marriage?   God has promised to answer when we call on Him. He is KIND.  
It's not what you say - it's Who you say it to that makes all the difference in a marriage. 
"Call to me and I will answer you." - God 

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