Thursday, March 8, 2012


Food. It's a big part of a wife's life. Buying it, cooking it, serving it, eating it.  It fuels the body - and gives it life. No matter how busy a wife's life may be - working wife or stay-at-home wife - a family has to eat. The grocery store is the place every person visits on a regular basis. The kitchen is the center of the home. Realtors will tell you that the sale price of a home will go up significantly if the kitchen is an updated one.  Media experts know that a cooking show on TV or a recipe book from a celebrity are always sure-fire best sellers.   
Not only does a wife feed her family, but a good wife is concerned about WHAT her family is eating. Why?  Good food is the best medicine for our bodies. We want our families to have bodies that run on the fuel that will give it life.  
Today.. though... I'd like you to consider that your family is more than just a bunch of bodies eating food.  That part of you.. and your family... your bodies... have a shelf expiration date known only to God.  Our bodies will expire someday.
BUT INSIDE THOSE ADORABLE people you love.. is a spiritual being that will live forever.  And that spirit will thrive on what it is given to eat - or starve because of what it is not given. We can easily lose focus.  And focus on the part of our families that have an expiration date, while ignoring the part that will last forever. 
Spiritual food is unseen.  It reaches the spirit inside. You cannot buy it.  It is given freely by God above.. when we ask for it. 
Take a few minutes to consider WHAT you are feeding your family spiritually.  What is getting in to their INNER being.  Are you feeding them what brings LIFE?  Are you feeding their souls?  God describes a lifestyle to parents of talking about HIM and HIS WAYS as you go through life. As you walk. As you sit. As your drive. As you eat dinner. Talk about God. Talk about His love.  Talk about forever.  Whet your families appetite for food that will satisfy their souls.
To my  fellow "Mrs. Olders" - so many of you are reading this -  please give us some ideas of how you fed your family eternal food.

"Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty."
John 6:34


  1. I am a Mrs. Older. I wish my husband and I would have focused more on spiritual things. We have three children who were told the most important goal they had was to get in to a good college. We took them to church but I'd have to admit that our home was not a spiritual place. We weren't bad people, we just weren't set apart from our neighbors. Our children have had a difficult time emotionally and I know that if they had been taught to focus more on God they would have made wiser choices.

  2. I have two sons. We raised them in church. My husband is a pastor. One of our sons has struggled with addiction since he was a teenager. The other son has not. They both know God's Word. I pray for both my sons every day. I had a woman who was my Mrs Older remind me that every person makes their own choices concerning God and His Spirit. You can tell your children all the time about following God, but they can choose to disregard your words. All we can do is pray that they will love God. I hope, dear, that you will not take all the blame. Your children make their own choices.

  3. Someone suggested this blog on Facebook. I have just spent the last moments reading every entry. I especially like the one about how to talk to your husband. You are fun I can't believe you are that old. Sophie.