Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"This page is not compatible with Macs" is what the webpage said.  And that was it. End of story. 
I use a Mac Book Pro.  I am beginning an eight week Bible study for women tonight, and I am planning on using my limited musical skills to lead the women in a song of worship before the study. So I went online to visit a webpage that has a sample of the song - to be sure I was singing the right words and playing the correct chords - and it had that message on the page.  And so, if I want to hear the song, I have to change my computer. Period. End of story.  A Mac is not a PC. Period. So I could whine about how unfair it is.. but it doesn't change the facts.  Unless I use a PC, I ain't hearing that song. I don't get mad at my MAC.  I don't want it to be a PC. Nope.  I just have to find another way to hear the song.  

And in the same way, A MAN IS NOT A WOMAN.   Yes. This is so ridiculously obvious that it may seem that I don't have anything to write about today. But many of us forget this. WE ARE DIFFERENT.  We are.  We were created that way. The reason your husband thinks differently, sees situations in a different light, cares about different things you do sometimes is not a MISTAKE. It's the way GOD CREATED marriage.  What's a woman to do?  Pray.  The Holy Spirit knows the heart of every man and every woman.  When you pray, He can reveal YOUR heart to YOUR husband, and YOUR husband's heart to you.  I don't know how two people can truly communicate in a heart-to-heart way without the One who guides us in to ALL TRUTH.

I cannot change my MAC in to a PC anymore than I can change my husband in to a woman.  And why would I want to?  So today, when you don't feel understood... tell the Lord.  And ask for the Holy Spirit to explain your heart to your husband's heart.  And then.....wait for God to work. The waiting part is the challenge.. I will caution you.. but He does speak.  And when HE SPEAKS... everyone listens.
In the meantime, my MAC is still a MAC..... and my MAN is STILL A MAN. And I want them both to stay exactly the way they were created.

Love you,
Mrs. Older.


  1. I live in Canada, and a friend told me about this blog. In less than a week I have become a fan. It's the first page i turn to every morning. Do you ever speak near Montreal?

  2. Unfortunately, I don't get to Montreal often.. Well, more accurately, I've only been there once. Maybe someday?