Sunday, February 26, 2012

I said "Older", not "Perfect'

You may be wondering  what makes me think I have the credentials to be telling any wife what to do about anything.  Especially if you knew that many of my friends ask me to be the entertainment at their gatherings.. telling stories of stuff I've done. I have WITHOUT A DOUBT -  THE MOST EMBARRASSING  real life Bloopers.  Really..... huge... BLOOPERS.  
Someday, maybe I'll tell you about them.  Like the time.. I was speaking at church.... and my husband introduced me.. and my skirt almost fell off as I walked to the front.. I was ONE SNAP AWAY FROM utter humiliation.. .  I am a klutz!  AFTER... when it's over.. then it's funny.  Except that..well, sometimes they STAY embarrassing forever...Like the time I was invited to speak at a church's women's conference.. and I congratulated the pastor's wife in front of nine hundred women - for being pregnant... except....she wasn't pregnant.. she had gained a lot of weight since I'd last seen her.  I feel SO bad that I embarrassed her.
So yes.. I've made my share of mistakes... and I'm still making them.   However, I do love the Lord.  And though my imperfection is clear.. His love for me is clearer...
But... one day...when I wasn't expecting it -  the Lord reminded me that The Bible clearly.. CLEARLY AND EMPHATICALLY instructs the OLDER women in the Body of Christ to TEACH THE YOUNGER ONES... to love their husbands and their families.
Furthermore, while we've been wringing our hands over the demise of the family... even in The Church...He reminded me that HIS SIMPLE PLAN - HIS SIMPLE AND VASTLY IGNORED AND OVERLOOKED PLAN...
 to protect the Family is that OLDER WOMEN WOULD LOVE AND TEACH THE YOUNGER.  
We have not fully grasped that simple truth. 
Many "Mrs.Olders" have abdicated our call from God.   Maybe because we don't feel qualified.  Maybe because no one wants to listen. MAYBE BECAUSE WE'VE become a society that requires "experts" to teach us. 
 But obedience is doing what I'm supposed to do simply because I'm supposed to do it.   And so..for me..... it came down to a simple act of obeying God - OBEYING EVERY SCRIPTURE.  I am obeying God.  Not just by writing a blog.  But by taking seriously my CALL from God to love younger women and teach them some simple things I know now.. Like..
-some things you think are no big deal - like words you say or don't say - can end up being the big deal that does you in.  

And some things are worth fighting FOR but most things are not worth fighting OVER.

My husband of 42 and 1/2 years bought me a wall hanging this week.. I love it.
It says,
"God doesn't call the qualified.  He qualifies the called."
I feel be obedient.
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Love you,
Mrs. Older 


  1. You're absolutely right! Your blog reminded me of what I had already committed to do but got busy. Again. It's time. Actually it's past time. Thanks for the kick in my aging butt.

    1. Thanks SO MUCH for posting this. Let us know what happens.
      God is good.

  2. I love your heart. Thank you.