Monday, May 16, 2016


Hello my sweet Mrs. Youngers:

Mrs. Older is very sorry to have abandoned you.  It is not by choice.  It's a good thing.. and...I truly DO pray for you all the time, but this season of my life has become very busy... and very busy.. SUDDENLY.  I wrote a book about my mother.. and a movie came out last year in which one of the main characters was based loosely on her and her life... and I am being asked to speak all over the place.... about her life, the movie, and my book about her... I am also blessed to have more and more requests to WRITE more.. and I am so missing my interactions with all of you.  In a few weeks my life will slow down again... and so..   AND EVEN THOUGH I MAY NOT BE WRITING YOU... I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CONTINUE TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME VIA EMAIL.

IN THE MEANTIME.. I would like to recommend a book that a friend of mine wrote.  She is the pastor's wife of a very large and thriving church in Tennessee.  She is a well known author and Bible teacher. 

Her latest book is SIMPLY PHENOMENAL.... I urge every one of you to consider purchasing it.

HERE is a link to the book at Amazon.

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