Sunday, October 11, 2015


I know what it's like to worry. I am the World Worrying Champion. Let me rephrase that: I WAS the World Worrying Champion. Are you a worrying wife and mother? Does what COULD happen overshadow what IS happening in your life? Do you miss the blessings because you are focused on the fear? As the years have gone by, the Lord has helped me to trust Him more.  If you are a worrier.. I pray my words to you about His words to me will help you. 

Here's how He helped me:

1- I took my worrying to Him.  I was honest with the Lord.  I told Him that I knew that I could not be a woman of faith if I was a woman of worry. His Word clearly tells me that WITHOUT FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. (HEBREWS 11:6) But honestly?  I just worried about every single thing.  I told Him I wanted to stop worrying all the time, but I just did not have the self-control to do so.  The world is a scary place.  People we love can get sick and die.  Finances can disappear in a moment. Betrayal. Rejection. Accidents. Confusion. Robbery. Disasters.. on and on and on. I thought it was a little unreasonable for God to expect me to not worry about stuff. But He does. So then I have to change ME to fit in to HIM and not the other way around.  So I could not change myself from being a worrier.. and so I simply told HIM. It's called PRAYER.

2 - He did not condemn me for being a worrier.  I cannot stress enough how LOVING and MERCIFUL I have found God to be.  His followers?  Sometimes not so loving and merciful. Sometimes they expect MORE from us than God Himself does.  So, I encourage you to GO TO YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.

DO NOT convince yourself that He does not care about your cares. Just the opposite. His Word says, "Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:6-7). 

The key to these verses is the HUMBLE YOURSELF part of it.  We try to FIGURE THINGS OUT without God.  We think He doesn't care that we are WORRIED about everything.  IT IS HUMBLING to go to Him as a child and say, "Father, I am a mess with worry. I cannot deal with this scary place called earth without You and YOUR help.  Help me. I am unable to do this without You."  Ahhh. THEN it says to cast it all on Him. Why? BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT YOU.  It isn't nothing to Him that life is scary to you. It's something. When your child is sure there are monsters in the closet, do you berate your child? NO. You open the closet and take the fear away.  God wants to open the closet and show you that there is nothing to fear when you cast your fears on Him. Everything about YOU is SOMETHING BIG AND IMPORTANT TO GOD.

3. Today is the day.  God is I AM. He lives in the present.  The Israelites were wandering the desert. If HE didn't send food and water they would have died. They had much to be fearful and worried about. But He took care of them. Yes, He did. 

But He didn't send enough FOOD for forty years all at once. He sent it ONE DAY AT A TIME.   The Holy Spirit took the time to show that many of the issues that were tormenting me were going to happen on some tomorrow.  HE SHOWED ME THAT IF I JUST FOCUSED ON WHAT WAS NEEDED FOR TODAY... I would see that God had supplied MORE THAN I NEEDED for today.  And during this season of the Lord healing me of worrying, He also showed me that the thing I was worrying about that MIGHT happen two Fridays from now.. NEVER HAPPENED. Somehow.. God worked it out.

Go to Him and admit your worry is crippling you... or ... causing you to limp through life when you should be LEAPING through it.
And let Him teach you how to live one day at time. 
And before long.. you'll look back and see that
all those days of resting in Him for THAT DAY ONLY.. have turned in to a LIFE of having faith.

FAITH is a one day at a time thing.

I love you. So many of you write to me and we have become friends.  If you write to me

I will answer you.

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Mrs. Older

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