Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So.. let's cut to the chase.  A woman who has the faith to diligently seek God... is a woman GOD REWARDS.   He rewards you with:

HIS PRESENCE.   If you are not a woman of prayer, then you cannot understand that when you SEEK HIM.. He lets you FIND HIM.... GOD HIMSELF.. CREATOR OF ALL THAT EXISTS.. WHO IS AND WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE... ALLOWS DILIGENT SEEKERS IN TO HIS VERY PRESENCE.  I'm not smart enough to explain how it happens.. but when you are in the VERY PRESENCE of VERY GOD.. YOU KNOW IT.  

I'm not trying to get all mystical on you...'s more than simply "having devotions."  It's knowing that the Scripture you are reading at the moment is like God just wrote THAT VERSE.. for YOU.  It's like the WHISPER THAT YOU HEAR in your heart is GOD HIMSELF.  The Bible becomes ALIVE.. like THE LIVING WORD from THE LIVING GOD.
This affects not only you but your family.  Your family will be different when their wife and mother is aware that God is right there, right now.  A wife who has been assured that God's love is real and there and for HER... will be a wife who can relax in God's love so MUCH that her husband's love is simply icing on the cake. You will have a peace that makes no sense, a wisdom that is not your own, a faith that defies the odds..
A mom who has been in God's presence is a mom who stands firm when things happen in her marriage, in her home, in her life.  Her children feel safe and secure because their mom's faith in the GOD who just spoke to her, the GOD who loves her.  She isn't a panic-driven mess, but a woman who shows her children that God is a VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE. 

HIS PURPOSE.  Things become LESS CONFUSING when you understand that His ways are higher.. and HIS PURPOSE for what He allows is always for YOUR GOOD.  All things work together for conform you in to the image of HIS SON, JESUS.   As your raise your children, you will be able to teach them about God's ways, God's will, God's PURPOSE for their lives.  This comes as a result of living a life or prayer.  

HIS LOVE.  When you KNOW that God loves you... I mean, really, who else really matters?  When you know that God thinks you are perfect because you are EXACTLY THE WAY HE CREATED YOU...who cares what others think about the way you look... or what they think about what you have?  This confidence is passed on to your children... who learn that with God you have all you need.

I am going to close now. 
I am simply going to PRAY that the Holy Spirit will tell you how much PRAYER... and.. YOUR LACK OF IT... is the core of every insecurity, every stress, every doubt, every fear, every anger, every jealousy... every.. THING..

WHEN YOU PRAY... God arrives.
When God arrives.... everything fades away.  You are wrapped in the Love You Are Searching For. 

YOU KNOW.. I know that most of you haven't read down this far.  I know that many of you are yawning past these prayer blogs of Mrs. Older.

But if one of you... takes the time to turn off your computer.. silence your cell phone.. turn off the TV.. and just go somewhere with the PURPOSE OF PRAYING..
and you do it earnestly..
and consistently..
and with nothing more to gain from it than God Himself...
Believe me? Not so important.
But believe God whose Word says, "He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." 
Does God lie?

Mrs. Older.
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  1. "when God arrives everything else fades away." So true. Thanks