Sunday, December 28, 2014


This letter is from a sweet Mrs. Younger I have grown to love over the past years.  She delivered it like a gift from heaven on Christmas Eve.  Emails like this make my heart smile and my spirit sing.  Thank you.

Hello Dear Mrs. Older,
I just wanted to thank you again for filling a void in my life. I loved your Christmas post! I have benefited so much from your wisdom and I wish you the blessing of contentment and also the blessing of seeing the fruits of your labor.

To the latter point, I must tell you that You have impacted me especially greatly (as I have no Mother). Your Godly wisdom from a woman's perspective, has been seared into my conscience and changed me in many positive ways (that my husband and children also benefit from). I am so glad that God has used you as a vessel in the lives of so many.

On this Christmas Eve I just wanted to tell you that YOU matter. YOU are making a difference and I hope you can see that God has used you in a mighty way (beyond what you can possibly know). 

You are my Naomi, Timothy's Mother and Grandmother, Sarah and the elder lady that 2 John is addressed to all rolled into one!
I praise and thank HIM for YOU.

And I thank HIM for HER... and you.
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Mrs. Older

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