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OK.. today... I want to say something I may have stated in a previous blog.. but now I have SO MANY new readers who may not have read this VERY SIMPLE advice about keeping love in marriage.
As with all things... Jesus The WONDERFUL ONE.... gives THE MOST excellent marital advice in the Book of Revelation to the church in Ephesus. Revelation???? Marriage advice???  HUH? Yup...  Sure, it's an end time prophecy. Sure, He didn't mean it as marriage advice.  But it's advice about keeping LOVE in a relationship.  Our relationship with Him... and our relationship with our earthly "groom."

In Rev. 2:1-6 (You can read it for yourself if you choose to) He is talking to a group of His followers who:
  • work hard and persevere
  • do not embrace or tolerate wicked people
  • have a degree of spiritual discernment and maturity to spot false followers
  • have endured hardship because of being His follower
  • have not grown weary.
But... Jesus has "something against them".  Really?  Yup.. they've abandoned their FIRST LOVE.  And it's a sinful thing to do... and that's why Jesus uses the term "repent" when He's telling them HOW TO FIX this.  The thing I love about this glimpse in to my King's heart is that LOVE matters to Him.  That a relationship with Him should NOT be - according to the Author of Love - all work, all obedience, all enduring... and no love.  And neither should a marriage.  And in the midst of all the hard work and persevering.. and not growing weary... and having kids.. and mortgages.. we can stop feeling the love we felt at first... and it's a downright shame to have to be married and not feel anything anymore. Isn't it? Yes, it is.    And after He advises them to repent of their loveless relationship with Him.. He tells them how to FEEL love again when He advises:


I find it so very interesting that He didn't say, "Feel the things you FELT at first"
The key seems to be... DOING the things you DID at first will help you FEEL the things YOU FELT at first.

You know.. there are ten million reasons why married people let their marriages get stale.
Nobody wants that. 
It just happens.

AT first, you didn't have a mortgage... careers.. kids... aching bones... etc.
Tonight... today... tomorrow.... and the next day...
Put a sheet of paper out on the kitchen counter... and try to remember what YOU did at first.  This is not a gripe sheet to show your husband the stuff HE NO LONGER DOES.. but a reminder sheet of the woman you were when you first married.
And what's the harm in simply remembering?
And this is not a "YOU ARE REALLY FAILING NOW" endeavor I am suggesting.

Nope... Just a simple way to remember the simple and profound ways you fell in love.
Don't protest.  Just write the list. O.K.?
More.. next time.
(I am trying to write shorter blogs... trying)
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