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And so.... then....as we continue  our discussion about "Crash Landing Husbands" let's talk about some answers to the questions raised in my last blog.

Let's start with the big one first -  "Is Jesus Enough?"

Years ago, I heard someone tell a story about a Sunday School teacher....(that's what "Children's Church" used to be called back in the Dark Ages)... who held up a picture of a squirrel to her kindergarten aged students and asked, "Who knows what this is?"   The first little boy to answer said, "Well, I know the right answer is 'Jesus' but it sure looks like a squirrel to me."   He said what he thought he SHOULD say IN church TO church people.... but not what he really believed.  Sad lesson in that story.

God has never once said in all His Word that He was looking for pre-programmed robotic people - OR WIVES - who say things they don't believe in the belief that if they SAY IT ......it means they BELIEVE it.
Either you actually believe... or... you..... don't.  
And if you don't...............you don't.  

Often......not all the time...but OFTEN....we "Churched Ladies" are afraid to speak what is really in our hearts.  We are so false with one another - and sometimes even with the God we claim to follow.  We avoid the HONEST answer.  We say things we think we SHOULD say IN church TO church people.. all the while we are forgetting that the ONLY answer that matters is the one inside the deep place in our heart.........and it's the ONLY answer God is hearing. 

How UTTERLY... UTTERLY EXHAUSTING it is to try and HIDE what you REALLY ARE from the ONE who REALLY KNOWS.  (Been there. Done that. It doesn't work.)

I'm not saying it's o.k. to not trust God.  I'm just saying that if you don't... He already knows that you don't.  He isn't insulted. Or offended. Or angry.  He isn't expecting you to be fake.  (Like some of your churchy friends may be expecting)..  He can handle the truth.  He IS the Truth.  

How to Survive A Crash Landing Husband?

God desires TRUTH in the inner place.  He wants you to know you can BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE WITH HIM. Honest. Honest. Honest.  That's the whole point of following a Being who calls Himself Truth and Light.  

From that first marriage...in the Garden of Eden..God has been calling to us... wanting us to stop hiding... and just talk to Him.  We keep hiding. He keeps calling. Sometimes... He uses an anonymous older woman writing a blog. Sometimes it's a song..  Sometimes it's a sermon.  Sometimes it's a friend we feel safe with... but.. no matter HOW God calls...all day long He is calling out to you saying... " I love you.  You can trust ME.  I care about you.  YOU can trust Me. I see you.   I hear you.  You CAN trust Me. You can TRUST Me."

If your HONEST ANSWER IS that you aren't sure you truly can...

YES... to YOURSELF... because you are the only one you are fooling.

Today. While you work, ask the Holy Spirit to help you seek and then speak Truth.
While you drive, open your heart and tell God what's really there. Whatever is it. He sees your broken heart. He came to heal it.
  • How can HE HEAL YOU.... if you cannot acknowledge to THE HEALER that you are ill?
  • How can HE increase your FAITH if you are afraid to admit you have too little?
  • How can HE reveal Himself to you if you are terrified to admit you really don't know Him at all?  
  • How can He be enough if you don't admit you don't think He is?

Mrs. Older can type till her fingers fall off.. and you can read what she's typed till your eyes fall out.... but if you will simply BEGIN to have HONEST conversations with God... (sometimes referred to as "prayer") you will see that HE IS THERE.
God is not blind.
God is not deaf.
Give God time to help you.
He will get you through each day.
It doesn't have to be SO COMPLICATED.  
It doesn't have to be SO COMPLICATED.
It doesn't have to be SO COMPLICATED.
It doesn't have to be SO COMPLICATED.
People make it SO complicated.   Don't look INWARD... look UPWARD.   Your help comes from the Lord. CRY OUT TO GOD.

"The Lord is righteous in all his ways and faithful in all he does.
The Lord is near to all who call on him,to all who call on him in truth. 
He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;  
he hears their cry and saves them." 
Psalm 145:17-19
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