Thursday, February 21, 2013


Sooooooo...........the most powerful and wealthy king who ever ruled had a very beautiful daughter.  This king loved the girl more than his very life.  All his great and overwhelming wealth did not compare to the value the king put on his daughter. She was the apple of his eye.   Everything he owned was waiting to be given to her someday.  His plan was for her to someday rule over his vast kingdom.  He knew where she was every minute of her day.  He knew what she needed and gave it to her before she asked. She was a Daddy's girl in every way.  She lacked for no good thing. .  

One day, the king's daughter decided to take a trip. On a plane. The king spoke to the pilot very carefully.  He explained to the pilot that he expected him to protect his royal daughter.  The pilot nodded his head.  The king watched as the plane took off, with the apple of his eye inside the plane.  At first the pilot flew carefully... wanting to do things the right way.  But after a while, he got bored with the whole "flying a plane" thing.  After a while he forgot whose daughter he was carrying as his passenger.  So.. he got lazy.  He put the plane on auto-pilot and ignored the daughter of a king who was a passenger on his plane.
The ride started to get very bumpy. 
The ride started to get very scary.
And.... the princess became very afraid. The plane ride became terrifying - sometimes up in the air, other times almost plummeting to earth.  At first she thought if she just explained to the pilot that she was very afraid, he would sit up and fly right.  But he didn't.  She called her father in terror.. and he was FURIOUS.  His daughter, the APPLE OF HIS EYE, was not being cared for by the pilot of the plane she was on.   The king tried to radio the pilot but the pilot ignored the calls from the King.    The pilot talked on his iPhone, played video games, watched sporting events, and just ignored the king's daughter.  At times, the princess, in an attempt to save her life would take the controls of the plane and try to fly it herself.  But she could not. The plane was created for this particular pilot and he was expected to fly it. She was not trained to fly a plane.  She was created to be the passenger. 

Soon.... in spite of the King's desperate attempts to speak to, get through to, warn and help the pilot remember the precious cargo on board the plane........the plane ran out of fuel and crash landed.

When the plane crash landed... DUE TO PILOT NEGLIGENCE... the King himself was there before the plane hit the ground. He rushed to his beautiful daughter's side and carried her to a safe place.  He had the most excellent medical help known to humanity there to help his daughter, the Princess.  He cried when she cried.   And in the distance... he could hear the faint cry of the pilot.. the pilot was kinda annoyed that he had to deal with this whole crash landing thing.  After all, it wasn't HIS FAULT that the plane crashed... was it???  And after all, wasn't he also one of the King's subjects? The King was supposed to help everybody all the time.. wasn't he?    He wanted help from the King.. but no matter how loudly he screamed... he heard no answer....he got no reply from the King.  He called to the King.  His answer never came.

The pilot couldn't understand WHY the King wasn't answering his call.
The pilot couldn't understand WHY the King wasn't answering his call.
The pilot couldn't understand WHY the King wasn't answering his call.
The pilot couldn't understand WHY the King wasn't answering his call.

"In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives. Treat your wife with understanding as you live together. She may be weaker than you are, but she is your equal partner in God’s gift of new life. Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered." 1 Peter 3:7

You, sweet sister, are the daughter of the King.
He is not happy about the bumpy flight that is your marriage.
Sit tight. Help is on the way. 



Mrs. Older

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