Wednesday, December 26, 2012



by Mrs. Older

The day after Christmas
The shopping is done
The cooking is over
The in-laws are gone
The children are quiet
Their toys are still new
Your husband's a hero
For what he bought you

And yet deep inside of 
your spirit today
You know all the presents
Will be gone someday
And try as you might to
pretend they're enough
You know life is more
Than the glitter and "stuff"

So here's Mrs. Older
Reminding again
There's no one like Jesus
There's no greater Friend

Your life that is broken
Your broken heart too
He doesn't replace them
He makes them brand new

He came to deliver 
our lives wrapped in chains,
to give sight to the blind
have freedom proclaimed!
The day after Christmas
Is the perfect day 
To look up to heaven
And honestly pray
For help, or for courage,
 relief from your fear,
Or ask Him to help you
believe He is near
You can show Him your heart 
And be really real
He's God, He already 
Knows just how you feel
The day after Christmas,
One not-so-great poem.
Could it hold the words that
Will lead your heart home?
The day after Christmas
Too good, but it's true
Jesus came to this earth
He came to find you.  
 © 2012 - Mrs. Older (My "a.k.a."  wrote it)

© 2012 -




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  1. You are a very talented woman. I thought the poem was great.