Monday, December 17, 2012


On Friday, in Connecticut, satan showed his true colors through a boy with a gun. Usually he masks himself  as "an angel of light."  He deceives. He traps.
And then a kid with a gun reminds us how evil EVIL truly is.  And how fragile life is.  

We grieve for those parents.  We grieve for that town.  We pray for those broken, broken hearts. And for parents and grandparents who put presents under Christmas trees to take them away unopened.  If you really hate someone, if you really want to cause them pain then - destroy their child.  It's the greatest pain imaginable. 

Such hatred killed so much love.

Let us grieve, but with open eyes.   
What you are seeing is Evil's Plan exposed and it's his plan for you too.  You are seeing satan's plan for your children.. for your family. He wants to destroy your children. He may not use a gun, but his plan for your children and your family  is just as deadly.   He wants you eternally separated from the Heavenly Father who loves you.  He wants to keep you from you eternal home.

Do not let your guard down, dear wife and mother. Pray for your family. Pray for your children Pray for your husband. Pray. 

Don't stop praying because evil never stops preying.

satan hates God.  He took His children away.  We know the story... a forbidden fruit.. then... a baby in a manger.  God's gift to us to undo evil's plan.  And we know that 
the Cross was another slaughter of another Innocent Child

God understands what it feels like to watch His Innocent Son be slaughtered by evil.. But...He gave His child to save your child... and you.  
Would you GIVE your child to save someone else's? 
No, neither would I, truthfully.


Evil hatred never factors in the overwhelming flood of the LOVE OF GOD, does it? No. Nor does it remember God's antidote to Death:

RESURRECTION.  Did Evil plan on RESURRECTION???  Evidently, not. 

Evil loves death... but God gives life.. Through Jesus... He gave us a gift called Resurrection.  And it's just as real as death.....but.. the CONQUEROR of Death.

Whatever evil kills....God's love will resurrect. 

Remember today, dear sweet Mrs. Younger... that the only thing that TRULY matters is whether or not you have introduced your child to The Resurrector. To God's Son, Jesus. 

ALTHOUGH Evil's plan for your child is death.
God's plan for your child is Life. Everlasting.


Do not be distracted. Do not take your focus off eternal things. 
Teach your children that what they are truly seeking is...
And pray for the parents in Newtown, CT

Mrs. Older
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  1. True true true true. Thank you for reminding us.