Monday, September 17, 2012


What if.......... married someone else?
.........your husband understood you more? were not a working mom? were not a stay-at-home mom?
.........things were different?
.........things wouldn't change so much? could lose some weight? were smarter? were prettier? were younger? were richer?'d chosen a different career?
..........your mother didn't hate you? didn't hate your mother? didn't have the guilt you struggle with? didn't have that abortion? weren't molested as a child?
..........things weren't so sad all the time?
..........your daughter wasn't so difficult?
..........your son had listened to your advice? had spent more time with your kids? hadn't been so annoyed at your family?
......... you had laughed with them more?
..........your husband hadn't cheated? hadn't cheated? were more careful with your finances? didn't drive your husband away with your nagging?
..........your husband would just hear your heart so you wouldn't have to nag?

No one gets through life without having to deal with a "What If" or two, or three or more.  All of us can wonder what would have happened if we had done things differently.
It's normal, dear wife.  It's normal. 

But today I would like to remind you that if you let the "What If's" take over your thoughts, you will never be able to understand that the secret of life is embracing the

"What Is"

The last few days, someone in my immediate family has taken ill, and needs my help.  It has rearranged my life, and schedule.  At first, I found myself thinking, "What if someone would just help more?" And "What if I wasn't the one everyone seems to expect to step up and do what needs to be done?"  And then the Holy Spirit reminded me to do everything without grumbling.  And, when I just accepted What Is and TRUSTED THAT GOD WOULD HELP ME DEAL WITH IT.... His peace returned...and so did my contentment and rest.  And things are not as bad as I thought they might be.

I will tell you Mrs. Youngers something worth remembering.  Satan knows how to get to you without you realizing he is getting to you.

The "What If's"......are a secret diabolical weapon the Enemy uses to keep us from living in contentment and peace with What Is.

I have had to remind myself that God will help me with What Is my life today. 
He will send what is needed.
He will supply what is necessary for what is happening in my life.

The secret of life is understanding that
God has allowed for you today.

You may ask me, 

"WHAT IF WHAT IS happening is because of my poor decisions, sin, and mistakes?"

Take a deep holy breath.
God is able, willing, even LONGING... to take WHAT IS and make it

He can restore whatever we let Him restore.
He is able.
Are you willing?

Mrs. Older
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  1. I couldn't come close to putting a number on the "what ifs" I have played over an over in my thoughts. Most were a waste of the precious time God has given me. I will try to embrace the "what is" and trust that God will make it all turn out for good. Thanks Mrs.O.

    1. Love You.. thanks for being so transparent and real

  2. Marie, thanks for sharing this. I needed the reminder.